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If you’re a self-funded retiree or one that supplements their superannuation and Age Pension with investment income, you know that finding competitive rates of return, without extensive risk taking, isn’t easy. And that makes creating a sustainable income stream a real uphill battle.

But it may be that you haven’t considered all of your investment options yet.

Investing in a mortgage trust or diversified income fund might seem daunting but they’re actually a way of investing in assets you’re familiar with, such as residential property, but with the added purchasing power of teaming up with other investors, plus the access to expert asset managers who are entirely focused on delivering income to investors.

Trilogy is that expert asset manager – an Australian company that has been creating sustainable income streams for over 22 years, while prudently managing risk on behalf of investors.

While past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust has delivered investors an average net distribution rate of 7.72 per cent per annum since inception in 2007, and more recently paid investors 6.57 per cent per annum net of fees for December 2020. And the Trilogy Enhanced Income Fund has delivered an average net distribution rate of 3.85 per cent per annum since inception in 2017 and paid investors a return of 3.51 per cent per annum net of fees for December 2020.1

Download this e-guide to learn more about how a pooled investment can provide:

  • A competitive rate of return
  • Exposure to residential property
  • Expert funds management
  • Portfolio diversification
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1 The net distribution rate paid to investors for the month ended 31 December 2020. Net distributions are variable each month and are quoted net of management fees, costs and assume no reinvestment. Distributions are calculated daily and paid monthly in arrears. Please note, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
This e-guide was prepared in partnership with Trilogy Funds Management Limited ACN 080 383 679 AFSL 261425 (Trilogy) and does not take into account your objectives, personal circumstances or needs, nor is it an offer of securities. Application for investment in Trilogy’s products can only be made on the application form accompanying the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available at The PDS contains full details of the terms and conditions of investment and should be read in full, particularly the risk section, prior to lodging any application or making further investment. All investments, including those with Trilogy, involve risk and can lead to loss of part or all of your capital or diminished returns. Trilogy is only licensed to provide general financial product advice about its products and therefore recommends you seek personal advice on the suitability of this investment to your objectives, financial situation and needs from a licensed financial adviser to conduct an analysis based on your circumstances. Investments with Trilogy are not bank deposits and are not guaranteed.