Why you should be having more sex in your 60s

feet at end of bed
There's a new reason to get under the sheets tonight.

Having sex later in life can significantly improve your memory and ability to problem solve, a new study from Coventry University has found.

The study looked at a variety of sexual activity, including, petting, fondling, masturbation and sexual intercourse and measured the effects on cognitive function in older adults.

While it was clear that cognitive function improved across the board, there were significant differences in the particular ways sexual activity affected men’s and women’s brains.

The study’s authors noted that masturbation and sexual satisfaction are significantly associated with better word recall in women, whereas sexual intercourse and sexual satisfaction are significantly associated with better number sequencing in men.

Conversely, none of the measures of sexual activity or satisfaction were significantly associated with either number sequencing in women, or word recall in men.

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In simple terms, this means that if women want to improve their crossword skills they should get frisky under the sheets, and men should do the same if they want to conquer the sudoku puzzle.

Historically, research into sexual behaviour later in life has been limited, with much of it focussed on the younger demographic.

Despite studies showing that adults continue to experience and desire sexual pleasure well into their 50s and beyond, societal attitudes haven’t shifted much over the years.

A recent survey found that while sexual desire still ranks highly in older adults, partner compatibility, intimacy and pleasure are the biggest contributing factors to wanting to express themselves sexually.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think intimacy is more important than sex later in life?