Why you should always agree to look after your grandchildren

A new study has found a striking link between grandparents and grandkids and is giving everyone even more reason to
The grandkids will certainly keep you busy.

A new study has found a striking link between grandparents and grandkids and is giving everyone even more reason to get involved in the little ones’ lives.

The study found that grandparents who regularly look after their grandkids live up to five years longer than those who don’t.

The groundbreaking research is the first to ever look into this link and it just proves what many grandparents already know: grandkids make you’re life better!

Not only do these grandparents live longer, they’re also healthier, happier and more independent as they age.

So if you ever needed an excuse to spend time with the grandkids, make sure you pass this on to your children!

Doctor David Coall who co-authored the study, said the link was “quite striking” and thinks it’s the rewarding feeling people get from spending time with their grandkids that makes all the difference.

“To our surprise and interest we found that grandparents who looked after their grandchildren survived five years longer than those that did not,” he said.

“Talking to a lot of grandparents, we find they speak most often about the happiness, satisfaction and pride that they feel about looking after their grandchildren.

“This might be one of the only situations in your whole life where you’re doing something and you expect nothing in return.”

It’s no secret that being around our grandkids is one of the most fulfilling and happiest times of our lives and if this research gives us another excuse to do that, we say bring it on!

Do you spend much time with your grandkids? Do you get to care for them regularly? How have they changed your life?

  1. [email protected]  

    I do not have any grandchildren yet, however, I had a fantastic relationship with my grandparents and my sons did also with their grandparents. Grandparents can forge attitudes and memories in their grandchildren that last a lifetime. The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is a two way relationship.

  2. Lyn Roberts  

    Absolutely agree with these findings. We are fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with our 2 grandchildren, even taking them on holidays without their parents. They are a constant joy & delight & we appreciate the trust our son & daughter in law have in us to take care of them.

  3. pete harper  

    I agree, we too are fortunate that all out grandkids live within three klm of us.
    See them several times a week and mind and babysit them every chance
    we get,pick them up from schools and take them or accompany them to
    sports and training. Our relationship with them is excellent,and they are
    our whole life and reason for being. We try to make our time together memorable.
    As was both of our, childhood memories of our grandparents.
    Some of my best memories of over seventy years ago,was time spent
    and things learnt from grandparents. Great times and respect learned.

  4. H. Morris  

    It was the best time ever. My grandchildren are all grown up now and i have a great granddaughter Zahara who is the light of my life.

  5. Ruth van den Berghe  

    I love my grand children and absolutely love spending time with them and looking after them. If I am tired they give me a boost I need and I really enjoy them. I would feel sad if that was taken away. They give me so much joy. Looking forward to some more and watching them as they grow. They seem to grow so fast.

  6. Nancy Heifferon  

    Caring for our grandkids has had many benefits. Health: Our grandkids, ages 5 and 3 live only 1.25 miles from us, so I can walk over to babysit them. Also, 3 years ago I started exercising regularly to be strong and fast enough to participate in their lives. Spirit: Papa and I have a larger perspective on life and see things in a new way. Emotional: We’ve never been so content and happy. The kids are funny, smart, and constantly surprising.

  7. Jude Power  

    Hasn’t it occurred to these experts that correlation does not equal causation? Maybe the grandparents who looked after children were in fact healthier than the ones who didn’t and that’s why they lived longer?

    I do get sick of the media spreading so-called research results which apparently don’t consider other reasons for the conclusions they’ve reached.

  8. I never leave my daughter’s house without a smile on my face! I have three grandchildren under the age of 5 and love every minute I am with them. In fact, I will see them this afternoon while my daughter and her husband are helping the other grandmother out. Grandparenting is a blessing especially if you live close enough to spend time with them! I am a retired grandmother who became a blogger in the last few months and I write frequently about grandparenting. If interested, check it out at livingliferetired.com. Thank you for this great story!

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