Seven signs you need to get your eyes checked

Today, October 8, is World Sight Day, and a timely reminded to look after the most sensitive part of our bodies – our eyes.

Are you putting up with poor vision, or neglecting a symptom that needs to be dealt with? Here are seven reasons to book at appointment with your eye doctor today.

1. You are over 50

Unfortunately, no one is immune to vision degeneration. So, even if you’ve made it thus dar without specs, regular eye tests are still a must. If you’ve noticed you’re holding your phone or book far away, they chances are you’re in need of reading glasses at least.

2. You wear glasses and still experience cloudy vision

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Wearing glasses doesn’t guarantee vision restoration but rather slows the process of degeneration. If you’ve noticed your vision has become cloudy despite your spectacles, this could be the early signs of developing a cataract.

3. You see double

This could suggest you may have developed a sudden onset squinting which may be secondary to a cranial nerve palsy. Hence, seek opinion immediately, says Dr Hemalini Samant, Pediatric, Neurophthalmology & Cataract surgeon.

4. You see black spots

If you sees a large number of black spots in front of the eyes while looking at an object or sees half of it clear, and the other half blurred – this is a warning sign. It could indicate a retinal detachment that could lead to complete blindness if not detected in time.

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5. You see halos around white light

This could suggest that the intraocular pressure in the eye is high, which it leads to a condition called glaucoma. This is usually painless and in the very late stages may lead to vision loss. Early intervention is the key to managing glaucoma as there is no cure – family history is another warning sign.

6. You get red eyes

Red goopy eyes or pain with swollen eyelids implies an eye infection that needs expert treatment. However, Dr Samant says instead of visiting a GP, see an eye doctor, as steroid creams, which are typically prescribed, can exacerbate the problem.

7. Your eyes hurt from wearing contact lenses

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Do you wear contacts? Pain can indicate an infection or even an allergy. It could also be due to a tear in contact lenses.

How are your eyes these days? Do you wear glasses now?