Quick and easy chair exercises for over-60s

Have you ever tried these chair exercises? Source: Getty

Baby Boomers are constantly being told to exercise more, but it’s not always as easy as going for a run in the park or taking the bike out for a spin.

For many, pre-existing medical conditions can make it harder to get active. Thankfully, there are still exercises that can be done from home that give the body a proper workout. The best part is that you don’t need to splash out on expensive exercise machines to get active.

There are actually many exercises that can be done with the assistance of a seat or a chair that has armrests. If you feel like you need to get active but aren’t very mobile, these exercises may do the trick.

The first exercise is known as the “sit to stand”. This exercise requires you to sit on the edge of your chair with your toes directly in line with your knees. The aim of the exercise is to push yourself off the chair without actually using your arms to do so.

For the best impact, it’s best to look straight ahead and bring your body forward so your nose is in line with your knees. You may find that it’s a little tough at first, but you should be able to stand up with ease in no time. 

The next step is to take a bow and then return to the position you were initially in. It’s best to repeat a few times to build strength in the knees and to assist with overall balance.

When you’ve perfected the “sit to stand”, try and work your way up to the “lift up” exercise. This second exercise focuses on upper body strength and will require you to use the arm rests of the chair. Perch yourself somewhere in the middle of the seat and sit with your back at straight as possible.

Try and find a vertical line you can focus on, place your arms on the arm rests and take a deep breath in. When you breath out, slowly lift your backside off the chair and hold your arms straight for four seconds. You may feel a slight burn in the arms at first, so it’s best not to push yourself too hard in the first instance.

The task will actually assist with the strength of your arms and over time, you’ll become more confident to repeat it several times to become even stronger.

The third and final exercise is called “back pulls”. If you’ve experienced a problem with hunching, this next exercise tip will assist you. Bad posture and hunching can make it more difficult to breathe and cause back pain, but with the help of an exercise band and a chair, you can give yourself better posture.

Securing the exercise band around a doorknob, ensure the ends are even so you can hold one in each hand. Sit on the seat and Keep your back as straight as possible. Next, take a deep breath in and pull the band as far as you can until your shoulder blades connect.

It will almost look as though you’re rowing, but what you’re really doing is giving the muscles in your back a workout. Again, it’s best to not push yourself too hard at first, but you could gradually increase the amount you do each day. You’ll also be helping your arm strength. 

What is your favourite way to stay active? Have you tried any of these exercises before?

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