Prevent your brain from ageing with a single pill

New research has found that a dietary supplement containing up to 30 vitamins and minerals could stop, and even reverse,

New research has found that a dietary supplement containing up to 30 vitamins and minerals could stop, and even reverse, massive loss of brain cells that occurs as you get older.

Researchers at Canada’s McMaster University believe the supplement could go so far as to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and are looking to release the dietary supplement within the next two years.

“The findings are dramatic,” says Jennifer Lemon, research assistant in the university’s biology department and lead author of the study.

“Our hope is that this supplement could offset some very serious illnesses and ultimately improve quality of life.”

Perhaps the greatest news of all is that the natural ingredients included in the supplement are all commonly available over the counter in health food stores, pharmacies and even in some supermarkets. The supplement contains common ingredients such as vitamin B, C, D, folic acid, green tea extract and cod liver oil.

It’s a mixture that has shown promise when tested on mice, specifically bred for the research because they age rapidly. The mice had more than half of their brain cells and had the human equivalent of severe Alzheimer’s disease.

They were fed the supplement over several months and the improvement was considered amazing. Over time the researchers found the severe brain cell loss and cognitive decline had been completed eliminated.

In addition to reversing brain loss, the research team found the mice experienced improved vision and smell, and there was an increase in their balance and motor skills abilities.

“The research suggests there is tremendous potential with this supplement to help people suffering from some catastrophic neurological disease,” Lemon says.

Would you be interested in taking a supplement that kept your brain from ageing? Do you take dietary supplements to help with other ailments?

  1. Janice Mallett  

    Lack of vitamin B12 can be responsible for these too.
    All over 60s should have their level checked.

  2. B12 is found in Mighty Mite, not Vegemite, but you have to consume Vit C at the same time to get maximine absorption(tablet or fruit).

  3. Frank  

    this reads like an ad – I’ll be checking for vested interests – given that these days most university research is funded by corporations seeking ‘scientific’ validation of their commericial for-profit products

  4. Frank Smith  

    It is possible to cure Alzheimer’s disease in mice fairly easily. They are not a good model for the human condition, Reliance on mice rather than people is one of the major reasons AD research has been so unsuccessful so far

  5. I would like to see researchers spend more time on ‘things’ that people on Warfarin can use, SO many products are jus tnot suitable, i.e. arthritis medications, things with Vit K etc etc.,

    • I AGREE STEPHANIE I’m on blood thinners to you cant take any good diet producs or lots of other things to SAD

  6. There’s no real info about what this suplement is- I agree, it sounds like an advertisement- this article is severely lacking.

    • m Parker  

      so what is it and where do we get it?? get really irritated by these ‘teasers’ with no real information

  7. Tina Bailey  

    Would it help MS sufferers?

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