Painkillers containing codeine to require a prescription

It’s been on the cards for a while and this morning it was made official with the announcement that painkillers
It's going to a lot harder to get your hands on these painkillers.

It’s been on the cards for a while and this morning it was made official with the announcement that painkillers containing codeine will need a prescription from 2018.

The decision is already facing backlash from many patients who say the over the counter pills that have codeine are the only ones that give them relief.

From 2018, anyone wanting medication like Nurofen Plus, Panadeine, Codral Original Cold and Flu Tablets, Aspalgin Soluble tablets and Mersyndol Tablets will have to visit their GP and get a script first.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration made the call over night, saying it was about time Australia followed suit with the rest of the world.

They also pointed to the high number of Australians becoming addicted to the pain relief medication, noting the number of addicts has tripled in the past few years.

“Consumers frequently became addicted to codeine,” a TGA statement said.

“Misuse of OTC [over-the-counter] codeine products contributes to severe health outcomes including liver damage, stomach ulceration, respiratory depression and death.”

But is it really fair to everyone to make codeine an over the counter drug?

Many customers have hit back at the decision today saying it is just another form of red tape and ‘nanny state’ behaviour. Some claim it is unfair to punish everyone for the actions of a few and say it should be up to everyone to be responsible for themselves.

Others though have welcomed the change. Codeine can become highly addictive with addicts taking around 100 pills a day and shopping around from pharmacy to pharmacy so they don’t get caught.

The decision has certainly drummed up debate and raises some big questions.

Do you agree with the decision? Or is this just nanny state behaviour?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    Did we say Australia even the good old USA let you buy strong pain relief ! Doctors cost money just to go for some people costs in fairs ect stinks!

    • Bryan  

      N O. Not available OTC in the USA or many other countries. We are one of the very dew who have allowed it.

  2. Alan Murphy  

    Hard to believe that they can take 100 a day, I have used Panadeine Extra for years for Migraine and arthritis pain, both being effective, having to show ID was introduced and is a good idea, I also use Panadeine fourte for sever pain which you have to have a script for but only in lots of 20, I wonder how many tablets per script will be issued in the new system.

  3. Gregory  

    This is the result of having ‘jellyfish backboned’ humans!
    They can’t ‘control’ themselves in many areas’ of life.

    They didn’t get ‘no’ from their parents’.
    The education system’s gone ‘soft’ on wrong-doers’.

    There’s no allowance to mete out ‘corporal punishment’ anymore.
    There’s no ‘Nasho’ to pull ’em into line, when all else failed.

    A good caning, as is still done in Singapore, crime rate ZERO, is not permitted.
    The ‘goodie-two shoes’, & leftist useless greenies’ have more voice than is sensible.
    They’re loony ideas’ should be kept to themselves. Nobody else is interested, except other ‘loonies’.

    So the majority are ‘punished’ because of the ‘minority’ being ‘Richard Cranium’s……….
    Our world is going to hell in a hand basket, extremely rapidly……………

    • Jean Walker  

      And again, the innocent suffer because of the guilty. Why should those who buy these products sparingly and sensibly be punished because of those who abuse them?

  4. Maureen mealings  

    I feel this the statement made about panadeine is very loose.It is said the addicted can take up to a 100 tablets of codeine a day.codeine itself if I remember correctly is 30mgs.panadeine has more panadol (500mgs)and8mg codeine panadeine extra has 15mgs.Do the statement mean just codeine itself?If they 100mg a day they would be terribly constipated for a start let alone any other side effects.Chemists would be making heaps of money as a chemist told me panadeine is very cheap wholesale.

  5. Wendy Stirling  

    I don’t know how they manage to get as many. In Victoria there is a database which allows all chemists to monitor how many you are buying. Of course where I live near Yarram Victoria, the bully of a Chemist refused to sell me Panadeine without a prescription. He said it was his perogative as a Chemist to demand a prescription, beside the fact that I have extreme neck pain from a MRSA neck abcess, severe back pain from a triple fusion, severe pain from a 2nd replacement hip after MRSA collected in the metalwork of the first replacement. Severe pain from nerve damage in my hands and feet from the delay in diagnosing the MRSA in the neck and now severe pain waiting for my 2nd knee replacement. At 70 years of age surely I shouldn’t have to now drive 3 hours to a Chemist who will supply me with Panadeine without a prescription and after this rule comes in a 3 hour trip to my doctor to get a prescription for 40 tablets which will last about 7 days. Our world is definitely going to hell in a hand basket.

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