Identifying melanoma has been made easier with this simple guide

Most over-60s grew up in the sun wearing little or no sunscreen.  Some of us even baked in the sun, wiping sweet smelling coconut oil on so we could tan our skin more effectively. 

It is sad in hindsight that we didn’t know the damage we were doing, and it has let to a generation who in mid- and later life are marred by sun spots, moles, odd pigmentations, discoloured skin patches, and freckles.  Some of us know our skin is highly prone to cancerous lesions and have awareness of the risks of melanoma, but others don’t, so stopping to understand the risks and what we should look out for is more important than ever.

We should all be looking out for the telltale signs of melanoma.    

Having a mother who caught hers in time thanks to a wise masseur, I am particularly scrupulous in checking my moles. My husband has the job of checking the back half, but how was I to know if he was doing a good job?

Thankfully the Cancer Council has this fantastic infographic that breaks down the tell-tale signs of melanoma and helps us know what to look out for.

Melanoma accounts for one in ten cancer diagnoses and is more common in men that women.  And as you age, the risk of it beingcaught at a later stage and it having more significant impact on your life is very real. 

So please, familiarise yourself with this chart, check yourself, check your loved ones, and remember to cover up this summer.  And while you are reading and thinking about it, share it.  It might help someone else who is delaying, consider addressing a skin lesion they were putting off dealing with.  
Melanoma Detection Guide – Cancer Council Australia

Do you have regular skin cancer checks?

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