How to keep your independence for years to come… with more money to enjoy it.

We all want to stay active, independent and in our own home for as many years as possible. Of course,

We all want to stay active, independent and in our own home for as many years as possible. Of course, this can naturally get harder (and more expensive) to maintain over time.

Thankfully, there are some smart and savvy ways to make it easier. It turns out it could be an extremely wise move – for both your lifestyle and your bank balance – to seek out help a little earlier.

It’s easy to think of home care services as something purely for the elderly; for those who have already lost that independence. This is far from the reality.

In fact, the younger you are when you access subsidised home care, the bigger the pot of money you accumulate over time. This is because any funds you don’t use early on stay in your budget for use later when you need them most.

Amana Living is now working with active over-60s in Western Australia to help make the most of this system.

At first, only the lowest-level services – such as simple weekly cleaning assistance or a home handyman – may be all you need. In this case, your unused funds will accumulate.

As your needs change, your services can adapt. And should you require more assistance in the future, such as meal preparation or larger-scale health care, you will already have funds saved away to accommodate your needs.

By accepting a little help today, you’ll have a stronger safety net for the future, allowing you to stay active and in your own home for many years to come.

Click here to learn more, or call Amana Living on
1300 26 26 26 for a friendly, no-obligation chat about whether this is right for your needs.

This post is sponsored by Amana Living and written independently by the Starts at 60 editorial team, as we believe it delivers valuable insights into a subject important to the 60+ community. For more information, please visit the Amana Living website.

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  1. Gwen  

    I have had my home care assessment and been approved for half hour a day and two hours cleaning or social support.
    I don’t need the half hour a day yet, hope I never do, but it’s been approved.
    I love having someone take me wherever I want to go without questioning what I buy like family do.

  2. Penny  

    I have a very nice person through My Aged Care who has just start to come once a fortnight for 90 mins to do general housework after being assessed. This has been a huge weight off my mind.

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