How to get involved in "mall walking" near you

If you want to start walking and being active, sure, you could do it by yourself, but wouldn’t it be better if you could do it in a safe location and make friends?

Mall walking is an activity that is not really very new, readily organised by The Heart Foundation and supported by major shopping brands like Westfield and Stockland, and sees people walk or jog through the long corridors of shopping centres. It’s an ideal location as they are open early in the morning, have secure premises complete with cameras for safety.

Stores are often not open when the mall walking groups go out, so you can feel comfortable in your daggies, without makeup.  And as an added benefit it is air conditioned, a much more comfortable way to walk in the hot weather.The Heart Foundation Walking is Australia’s largest FREE walking network, and they have a program in shopping centres across the country.There are numerous benefits of mall walking:

– Increases your enjoyment of walking and keeping active

– Helps you stay motivated

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– Keeps you committed to your fitness goal

– Is a safe way to exercise

– It can be done rain, hail or shine

– Security: shopping centre security and surveillance video helps ensure you won’t become a victim of a crime

– Medical response – If you have an accident or medical emergency, you will be seen by other walkers and centre staff and get medical assistance

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– Restrooms and water access

– Cafes – before or after your walk, you can catch up with your fellow walkers

Check for mall walking near you:

Go to the Heart Health website. Simply enter your postcode and select ‘shopping centre’ in the ‘all types’ box.