Herbal remedies could be doing more harm than good

A new report exposes the scary truth behind some herbal medications and supplements.

Most are trying to be as healthy as they can be.  When a new supplement comes out with big health claims, many will flock to it based on the “science” behind it.  A new study has revealed that some of these supplements could be doing more harm than good.

 A study was undertaken by the University of Adelaide, Murdoch University and Curtin University has shown that while most Australians think that herbal supplements are harmless that their contents are not so harmless.

Herbal suppliements are not put through the strict testing like many other medications, and some suppliments have been found to contain harmful chemicals. Natural toxins, petecides, and heavy metals. Medical experts are now urging the government to force independent testing to this suppliments

The study’s co-author Ian Musgrave told the ABC, “A significant number of traditional herbal medicines do not comply with Australian regulations”.  He added, “In some cases, ingredients are either not listed, or their concentrations are recorded inaccurately on websites or labels.

“Most worryingly, a few products are illegally adulterated with standard pharmaceuticals to increase the effectiveness of the herbal product.”

There have been reports of some people experiencing seizures, prolonged illness, and in some cases organ failure.  All meditication, including any herbal mediciens or suppliments, should be discussed with your doctor before taking to prevent any damaging side effects.

Have you had a bad experience with a herbal medicine or supplement?  Do you take them?  Have you discussed them with your doctor?

  1. Don’t you have spellcheck? So many spelling and grammatical errors.

    • Neeley  

      I agree, very unprofessional to allow work that just ‘grates’ at you.

    • Kym Crossman  

      Seriously the world us going to hell and your worried about spelling.

      • Kym Crossman  

        Hope you liked my spelling error

  2. Its incredible that the TGA has blithely side-stepped this issue by pretending that only medicines manufactured within Australia are their concern. Most, if not all, TCM (Chinese, Tibetan, Indian ayurvedic, etc) herbal medicines come from overseas + it is up to the TGA to regulate imports too. It is also irresponsible to leave it up to victims to take the matter to the courts (“Legal action should be considered in cases of non-compliance…”) or for the TGA to wait for a poisoning incident before banning specific products.

  3. Maeve  

    Who is paying for the research into these studies? My bet would be big pharma companies. Yes I had a very bad experience with medication one prescribed by a Dr. I will continue to talk with my naturopath concerning any health issues.

  4. H.de Rycke  

    If you think herbal medicine is dangerous consider this: In Australia 18000 deaths per year are caused by conventional medicine; Australia-wide estimates; The number of patients dying or incurring permanent disability each year in Australian hospitals as a result of AEs is estimated to be: 18 000 deaths (95% CI, 12 000–23 000); 17 000 (95% CI, 12 000–22 000) cases with permanent disability (> 50%); and 33 000 (95% CI, 27 000–37 000) cases with permanent disability (< 50%). There are estimated to be 280 000 (95% CI, 260 000–310 000) AEs resulting in temporary disability.
    See page 8 of the full report at:http://www.mja.com.au/public/issues/misc/wilson.pdf
    At this rate, the national tally of medical adverse events would be over 54,000 leading to 13,500 preventable deaths. Should we worry about herbals?
    “You medical people will have more lives to answer for in the other world than even we generals.” Napoleon Bonaparte

  5. Mary  

    This conflict of medications is common. There is a lot of publicity about the benfits of Cumin or Curcumin in the treatment of arthritis. I tried it and found it did work BUT now I am on blood thinners and have stopped taking it. I wonder how many people know that it is very unwise to take Cumin regularly if you are on blood thinners. It is all in the fine print!

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  7. C. Homann  

    Danger of side effect of medical drugs is more of a worry. There is not one disease caused by a lack of drugs. Makes prescribing drugs to hide symptoms highly un-scientific.

  8. Pauline  

    I have very recently found out that the medication I have been taking for years has been causing the illness that my specialists have been trying to find the cause of. I’ve had numerous tests, visited numerous specialists, and I steadily got worse. The one particular drug was also reacting with my other medications, even vitamins and minerals that I had taken all my adult life. It was a visit to a lung specialist who was not afraid to name a drug that gave the side effect that I was having. That specialist has changed my life. Don’t ever be afraid to speak up if you feel that something is not right.

  9. Murray Walker  

    Leave this stuff on the shelves it’s rubbish. Buy good fresh food and live well.

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