Hair we are: Top tips to tackle female hair loss

Hillary Clinton once told a graduating class at Yale, ‘Pay attention to your hair. Because everyone else will.’ She was

Hillary Clinton once told a graduating class at Yale, ‘Pay attention to your hair. Because everyone else will.’

She was right. Our hair reflects our identity. We cut, colour, crimp, curl, straighten and style it to stand out – or fit in.

It makes a statement about who we are and how we see ourselves. And it’s one of the first things people notice about us.

It’s why Farrah Fawcett was on teen boys’ bedroom walls in the 70s. It’s what made Jennifer Aniston’s ‘The Rachel’ the world’s most requested hairstyle of the 90s. And it’s why Kate Middleton’s hairdresser was summonsed to a London hospital five hours before the Duchess emerged holding newborn Prince George for the world’s cameras.

With society attaching such importance to our locks, it’s no wonder losing your hair can feel like losing a piece of yourself.

The reality is, one in two women will experience significant hair loss or thinning by age 50.

The good news is there are a number of ways to address it, from eating a well-balanced diet and stress reduction to the first new over the counter, clinically validated topical hair growth product in more than 20 years.

Hair loss is a complex issue that can result from factors including age, genetics, diet, stress, medication, hormone imbalance or an underlying medical condition.

It’s normal to lose anywhere between 50 to 150 hairs each day. If you consistently lose more than that, you may be experiencing hair thinning or loss.

A key tell-tale sign for women is a widening of the hair part.

A visit to the doctor can rule out or address any underlying medical causes.

If the cause is age- or environment-related, starting a hair health routine can help.

Easy Does It

Thinning hair is often thinner in diameter, fragile and more loosely attached to the scalp. So when it comes to styling, gentle is best.


Make sure your brush doesn’t scratch or scrape the scalp or pull hair excessively.

Brush gently so if you come across knots, you don’t pull your hair out.


Gently towel dry your hair, use the cool setting on your hairdryer or let it dry naturally.


Avoid heat styling routines – blow drying and straightening.

Avoid tight hair styles like ponytails and buns.

Hair extensions are heavy and may pull, damage or break your hair.


A regular, short trim can get rid of split ends that can keep your hair breaking.

A Hair Health Routine

Start a hair health regime with a product like évolis that is simple, quick and easy to incorporate into your daily routine, and may assist in restoring the healthy hair cycle.

The évolis range includes all-natural active botanical ingredients, in a non-sticky tonic that is simply sprayed on the roots and briefly massaged in with your fingers twice a day, as well as a shampoo.

A new approach to hair loss

évolis is a breakthrough range of pharmacy-only products scientifically and clinically proven to reduce hair loss and increase the number of growing hair follicles in only 12 weeks.

It is backed by research, easy to apply and it works.

The result of 12 years’ research by Australian and Japanese scientists, it is the first topical over the counter product available in Australia for reducing hair loss and improving hair growth in more than 20 years and has been listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

How does it work?

One of the factors that triggers the hair to go from ‘growth’ to ‘rest’ phase and eventually fall out is a protein called FGF5.

The évolis tonic contains natural plant extracts that have been found to inhibit FGF5 and extend the growth cycle of the hair.

“These are scientifically developed, breakthrough treatments for hair loss which can significantly impact quality of life for people affected by hair loss and thinning,” évolis scientist Joseph Haklani explains.

“Women can reap the benefits of évolis with a reduction in hair loss caused by environmental factors and age related hair loss. They can expect an improved hairline, better hair growth and improved hair thickness.”

Paula’s Story  – An actor’s hair-raising role

A familiar face on Australian TV screens for decades, actress Paula Duncan knows her appearance is important to securing roles.

So when her hair started falling out, she began to panic.

After spending more than 16 weeks in hospital following a bad fall while moving house, handfuls of Paula’s hair began falling out as a result of the strong medications needed for her recovery.

“I was shattered. I panicked that hair loss would impact on my acting career.”

So Paula began using évolis. Within a few weeks, her hair began growing back.

“My hair is actually much thicker and healthier than it ever was and this was accomplished without any drugs or chemicals.”


Have you experienced hair loss or thinning?  Were you able to stop it or slow it down? Tell us your stories.

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  1. @SAS Seriously?! Another advertisement? The article was very interesting UNTIL I realise it was an advertisement hidden in the article. If you are going to state in your articles something is “proven”, at least add the links to the relevant published genuine research proving the statement. Otherwise this site is in danger of becoming just like an TV infomercial, only in print.

  2. I have stop using shampoo, I have been washing my hair with body wash no conditioner it has never been better

  3. After loosing my hair, due to Chemo, earlier this year, I now wash it whilst in the shower with Pears soap. Just towel it dry and I have never had such curls, I’m hoping they stay !😂

    • It is not uncommon for hair to grow back curly after chemo. Maybe the treatment “makes your hair curl” as they say. I think many people find their hair grows back thicker. Maybe the effect of improved health after serious illness and its treatment?

  4. Our friend’s hair grew back , after her cancer treatments, curly and stayed that way for years now, very thick too, She had straight her before, which she likes….but then she told us…””.better to have Curly locks than DEADLY Cancer cells””💜

  5. Thank you! I will read this later. I stopped coloring my hair and I am not losing hair to the degree that I was.

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  7. Before shampoo, we used Sunlight soap to wash our hair. Towel dried in the sun and brushed every night. All the family had thick, strong shiny hair.

  8. I am fortunate that i have really thick hair and it hasn’t thinned out with age. I am always asking the hairdresser to thin it out! !!

  9. Frank  

    was it 30 years ago or so where some old grandma type started promoting her expensive stop-hair-loss potion – ‘guaranteed – or your money back !’ – suckers lined up to buy it – probably like $50 or $100 a little bottle today – all you had to do was rub it into your scalp for 10 minutes every night for 30 days or something – easy !

    um – until you tried it the first night – ten minutes – really ? my arms are tired and I’ve only been going for 1 minute – I can’t keep this up – so – customers realised very quickly there was no way they were going to be able to spend 10×30 =300 minutes rubbing this potion into their scalp – the muscles to raise your arms are some of the body’s weakest and most quickly tired.

    So – smart granny – was not a fool – but a con artist – terms and conditions – prove that you have rubbed this into your scalp for 300 minutes – and prove that it didn’t work – and we’ll give you your money back – nobody could – so nobody did – I guess.

    I was just admiring of how ‘old granny’ could fool so many – there was like TV ads and everything – laughing all the way to the bank ! Suckers !!!

  10. Pity she didn’t take her own advice! Hilary Clinton that is!

    • She has had to suffer some very nasty comments about her hair! Doesn’t seem to bother her though!

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