Could this device stop this embarrassing female problem?

It’s an unpleasant and often embarrassing issue to discuss but the fact of the matter is urinary incontinence affects up to 37 per cent of Australian women (and 13 per cent of men). It may seem like there’s no end in sight but if you are having bladder leakage, this device could spell an end for it all.

Introducing the Elvie, a personal fitness aid that helps to guide and track pelvis floor exercises. If you have incontinence, your doctor may have mentioned exercises that can strengthen your pelvic floor or Kegels. These exercises are particularly effective in preventing or recovering from damage caused by childbirth and ageing.

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So how does this device work? The Elvie is a wearable device with an accompanying app. You place the small pod inside your vagina and leave its tail outside, like a larger tampon. When inserted correctly and you begin the exercises as guided through on the app, the device will be able to track these exercises in real time to ensure that the exercises are being done properly. You can also see progress you’ve made!

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According to the Elvie website, “Learning how to do pelvic floor exercises isn’t always easy. The muscles can be hard to isolate because you can’t see or feel how you are doing. Three out of ten women accidentally push down rather than lifting up which can lead to damage. Elvie is the only product to detect and correct movement with our patented motion technology”.

For those of us who have this embarrassing and often awkward problem, this is a much-needed device. Creators say the Elvie was created from feedback from over 100 women informed every aspect of the design. “We know you want small, discreet and custom sizing. The result is a product created by women, for women”, they said.

Watch the video below to see the story of the Elvie and tell us, would you use this device? How would this change your life?