Could this be the easiest weight loss plan around?

You remember the 5:2 Diet? What about the Military Diet? Now there’s a new diet on the streets and it claims it will help you lose up to 2kg in two weeks if you can stick to it. It’s the 5:5:5 Diet.

Designed by a nutritionist in the United Kingdom the focus of the 5:5:5 Diet is to have you eating five times a day. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Angela Dowden, the nutritionist behind the plan, says the 5:5:5 Diet has been billed as the “easiest and healthiest” way to get your figure looking trimmer.

Nutritionists have been talking about those wanting to lose weight eating at regularly timed intervals for some time now, but this diet also suggests that what you are eating should also be made up of five 80g portions of fruit and vegetables, especially greens that are high in fibre and low in carbohydrates, each day.

If you look at the diet plan a typical meal could include a handful of blueberries with 1 sliced kiwifruit and some fat free yoghurt for breakfast. You might eat a fillet of poached salmon with some salad and tzatziki for lunch. Dinner could have you eating a lean lamb chop with some vegetables and cous cous.

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What’s good about this too is that once you’ve got your head around it you can come up with your own meal plans so ‘getting bored’ should no longer be an issue.

Dowden does however advise that if you are going to follow the diet you fight the urge to snack too close to your meal times, you maintain modest portion sizes and you try and cut out those sugary drinks.

Have you followed any diet trends over the years? What were they and did you have success? Is your weight something you worry about as you get older?