Can’t find your glasses? Here’s how you can see without them

If you’ve ever got yourself into a fluster because you couldn’t find your glasses and you needed them to read,

If you’ve ever got yourself into a fluster because you couldn’t find your glasses and you needed them to read, there is a clever trick that can help you see more clearly without them or contact lenses.

It’s called the ‘pinhole effect’ and you might have heard of it before. Scientists have known of its existence since the 5th century.

All you have to do is make your hands into a tube-like tunnel, which creates a pinhole to look through, and you are magically provided with clearer vision.

It proposed to work no matter how blurred your vision might be.

There’s a cute and visionary (do you like what we did there?) clip created by MinutePhysics that shows you how to achieve improved vision without your specs.

The technique works by focusing light on the retina, which is the sensitive part at the back of your eye where a crisp image is formed.

If the light is coming from an object directly through the pupil to the retina then it shouldn’t need to be focused and it should create a well-defined image. However, light coming from different distances will spread out on the retina and the image is likely to be blurred.

For best results you should close your other eye or cover it with your spare hand.

You’ll get a tiny field of view, and no peripheral vision, but according to one laser eye surgeon the technique can correct up to six units of short-sightedness.

Obviously this handy technique (we did it again!) is not a permanent solution, so if you are having problems with your vision you should always consult an optician.

Would you give this simple solution a try? Are there any other tips or tricks for seeing when you’ve misplaced/forgotten your glasses?

  1. Tried this and it didn’t seem to make much difference but I recently had cataracts removed and the surgeon corrected my lifelong astigmatism at the same time. The result is like a miracle. It was the easiest, painless, un-stressful procedure and I’d recommend it to anyone who needs it. Each eye takes 6 minutes under local anaesthetic and sedation. I hadn’t realised I hadn’t being seeing colours clearly enough for years and now I don’t need glasses except cheap reading glasses for the tiniest print.

    • Angie B  

      Thanks for that post, Jean. I too, need a cataract removed and am very nervous about the procedure. You make is sound so easy!

      • Susan Gabriel.  

        Worked with me, will use the technique from now on as always leaving my glasses in the wrong room.

  2. There are 6 muscles associated with the position of the eyeball. They are innervated by the large intestine meridian. Allergic responses are largely responsible for bad eyesight by tightening these muscles and pulling the eyeball out of round. This distorts vision. For those interested the muscles are; the lateral and medial rectus muscles, the superior and inferior rectus muscles, and the superior and inferior oblique muscles.
    Kinesiology works with the following corrections;
    Massage the K27s (Meridian points located in the hollow between the sternum and the collarbone) while simultaneously holding the hand over the navel, and looking left to right alternatively.
    Massage upper and lower lip (Central and Governing meridian) while looking up and down alternatively.
    Both these corrections can also be used for far and near sightedness and reading.
    Avoidance of the offending allergens is essential.
    The most allergenic foods to avoid are; Milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, fish, crustaceans, food colouring, prescription medicine. (Medication, both over the counter and prescribed, can cause life threatening allergic reactions.)

  3. murielle  

    this only works if you suffer from myopia – not for the opposite – presbyopia

  4. Susan Gabriel.  

    I put in a reply to the first person who commented but it didn’t come up. It was to say that I tried thetechnique and it worked for me. I have to have glasses to read. found I could read word by word with this technique.

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