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Feel better, have fun and save money with door-to-door social transport

Feb 18, 2020
Organising a regular lift to an exercise class, lunch with friends or group outing is a great way of ensuring you get out of a rut.

Whether you’re still working, semi-retired or retired, the key to an active, fulfilling life is staying challenged, involved and open to new experiences. That doesn’t just happen though, it requires a bit of planning and a willingness to put yourself ‘out there’.

While some people in their 60s and 70s are trekking across the globe, others are more than happy to immerse themselves in their local community. The one constant is the necessity to stay physically and mentally engaged and active.

Fortunately, there are endless options available to explore via community groups, volunteer organisations and specialised programs designed specifically for older Australians.

But while we all know that being physically active is good for both mind and body, it’s easier said than done – it’s too easy to put exercise off until tomorrow! A bad night’s sleep, a nagging ache or a few drops of rain can all seem like legitimate excuses to postpone that walk or outing.

And as we age, it’s easy to tell ourselves that we no longer need the stamina to manage a busy family or job, and so we don’t need to exercise as much.

However, the opposite is true, because as joints stiffen and muscles weaken, not exercising enough can exacerbate the situation. Good strength and regular movement are essential ingredients for living independently, because regular activity supports the maintenance of flexibility, good posture, balance, muscle strength and helps to maintain a positive mood.

Get into a healthy rhythm

At Feros Care, we believe the answer to this problem of getting into a rut is simple – committing to a scheduled class or exercising with a buddy keeps us accountable and even helps us stay motivated. After all, it’s a lot harder to stay on the couch when your friends are waiting for you!

There are a number of health and welling programs designed by Feros Care’s qualified physiotherapists that address the unique requirements of maintaining strength, muscle mass, a range of movement and stamina as we age. Community classes range from a seated version of tai chi to a pool-based program that helps with cardiovascular health.

While getting involved in the fitness world is great, the best results are always seen in holistic approaches. An aerobics class followed by a healthy, home-cooked meal is certainly more effective than one followed by processed fast food. Why undo what you’ve achieved?

Going hand-in-hand with appropriate exercise is the need to fuel our bodies with nutritious, well-balanced meals. While the amount of food needed to sustain your lifestyle may be less than when you were in your 40s, the quality is even more important. Many diseases that can creep up on us can be managed by adopting a healthy diet.

If you need inspiration, and the plethora of online recipe sites and blogs aren’t enough, Feros Care’s Eat Well Live Well program takes a one-on-one in-home approach to implementing changes, improving nutrition and introducing recipes that are fast and simple to prepare. It isn’t complicated, it’s just about knowing where to start – and when you feel good in your body, the whole world looks better too.

Boost your mind, not just your body

While taking steps to improve your physical wellbeing builds confidence, taking a proactive approach to maintaining your mental health is just as important. There is more and more research that supports the importance of companionship and highlights the negative effects loneliness has on mental wellbeing

Across all age groups, there’s a growing recognition that this modern, technology-driven world has made it easier to connect with people on the other side of the world, but harder to connect with the person across the street.

And the people who are most at risk of becoming socially isolated, such as older people, often have fewer opportunities to make meaningful face-to-face connections. Family and relatives may not live nearby, and reduced mobility can make it harder to get out and about. This means they’re missing out on the benefits of regular social connections, including improved mood, less pain, better cognitive function and a reduced risk of many illnesses, including cardiovascular problems and Alzheimer’s disease.

If that’s not worth going to the effort for, then we’re not sure what is!

The straightforward solution is to seek out more social interaction for a more well-balanced and rounded life. You don’t have to be the life of the party, you just have to be open to meeting new people.

Increase your exercise and boost your social life

So, you’re keen to get in some more exercise, share a healthy meal and make some new friends? Luckily, there’s a convenient way to do so at little cost to you.

Feros Care’s Social Transport program combines the physical elements, the social impact, and the psychological benefits of a balanced, connected lifestyle by transporting you to weekly exercise classes, allowing you to connect with new people and participate in purposeful activities.

Designed to harness the therapeutic benefits of getting out and mixing with other like-minded people, Feros Care Social Transport is a door-to-door service that makes social outings easy. With a bulging calendar of events, you’ll be transported to activities ranging from craft brewery tours to garden outings, art galleries and theatre performances.

As they say, a change of scenery can be as refreshing as a holiday, and by now we all know that being a little social boosts both physical and mental wellbeing, as well as helping you live longer. So, what are you waiting for?

You can find out more about the range of services and programs offered by Feros Care here.

To learn more about the Social Transport program, click here.

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Create memories with new friends on our fun social trips

Feros Care’s social transport calendars include a range of exciting and affordable trips for seniors living in the Gold Coast, Wide Bay and Darling Downs regions. Join our social outings, including door-to-door pick up and a guaranteed good time.

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