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Restless legs are just about the most annoying, unexplainable thing our bodies can do. Our fidgety legs can keep us up to all hours and frustrate us to no end.

It is more common in women than men and those who suffer from RLS often have aches, pains, or sensations in the legs when they’re laying down or sitting. Your legs feel like getting up and going somewhere even though the rest of your body and mind are ready for sleep!

The symptoms of RLS can vary from person to person with some people experience mild symptoms every now and then, while others may have more severe symptoms. But no matter what your level of restlessness is, there are some solutions you can try to alleviate the annoying feeling.

Here’s 9 of the best:

1. Take a walk

If the urge to move your legs comes, have a quick walk to the kitchen or bathroom – it could make the symptoms disappear

2. Massage

When you feel discomfort, lift your legs and give them a rub or massage.

3. Distractions

Before bed, do a crossword or puzzle to keep your mind off your legs. You might find you fall asleep despite the annoying feeling

4. Bar of soap

This has yet to be proven by science but a lot of anecdotal evidence shows that putting a bar of lavender soap under your sheets near your feet can relax your legs. Worth a shot, right!?

5. Reduce your stress levels

RLS is often brought on by stress and anxiety, so try to reduce stress with relaxation techniques, such as breathing and meditation, or even yoga. Other activities such as colouring in can take your mind off your daily stresses.

6. Drink chamomile tea

Chamomile tea helps to relax you and induce sleep, plus it tastes great.

7. Wear socks

Some experts have found that a lot of people who suffer from restless legs syndrome also seem to have cold feet – so why not pop on some socks? It could help.

8. Apply menthol cream or ointment

Tiger Balm, Vapor Rub and even deep heat creams can help relieve your symptoms and relax the muscles in your legs. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying as these creams can sting if you touch your eyes.

9. Apple cider vinegar

ACV is such a great cure all and some swear by a tablespoon before bed to relieve RLS symptoms.


Do you have any other tips to add?

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  1. We’ve tried the warm lavender scented wheat bag,and he always does a crossword at night.we have tried most of these remedies,but his actually can progress to cramps so he takes Magnesium Tissue Salts.

  2. I have suffered this condition for many years. Tried everything to no avail. Finally was prescribed Sifrol. I take one tablet three times per day and am symptom free.

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    • I took Sifrol for years and it was great, but then I built up an allergy to it.

  3. Magnesium is the answer – especially as oil rubbed on legs and feet. Also gives a great night’s sleep

  4. The doctor ordered Sifrol tablets but warned me that they cause additions! I didn’t care as was desperate! Sorry now as I’ve lost control over food and shopping and Pokies!

  5. OK i am a type one diabetic, every night on going to bed get not cramps but nerves firing off messages to the brain.it’s called necrosis.I watch both legs nail length,colour of the nails etc all the time, I spend a few minutes b4 you get in the shower and try to notice changes occurring in your feet specially underneath and your heals, i was told to wear shoes and sox,bed sox and use Epsom salts to soak your feet every week or so ,even when you get sore feet from walking.Vitamin b is supposed to be a cure””not really”urine bright orange after a few days and the smell !!! So now i try to eat tomatoes at least 2 a night,thank the lord i don’t suffer from gout.I will never get rid of necrosis but i will never loose a foot or toes,so i am not real happy with the inconvenience of the pain but when i do get to sleep it’s heaven. oh i found a better way to stop the jumping around bit it is to wrap loosely a woolen blanket over the calves and feet when your feet heat up enough you will kick the blanket off as a reflex.I am sorry about the length of this post thank you Louise i will try magnesium tablets and also chromium.Thanks i am always open to new things to try.

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  6. Champagne in the evening is a trigger for me. Don’t touch it now. Keep up with exercise
    & stretches & plenty of fluids & magnesium like many have found helpful.

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