Steve Irwin immortalised in wax at Madame Tussauds

It was the death that rocked the world – September 4, 2006, it was reported that Steve Irwin, the Croc Hunter, had died from a stingray barb whilst filming a documentary in North Queensland.

His passing was shocking to millions and made headlines. Now, 9 years on, the world has Steve again, albeit in wax form.

The sculptors at the famous Madame Tussauds in London have been working around the clock to produce the striking statue of Steve Irwin. They worked with the family to bring his memory back to life.

It’s a little bit eerie to see such a lifelike model of the late wildlife warrior, especially because Steve is wearing the same clothes he wore when he was alive.

The figure itself bears remarkable resemblance to Steve is his typical form – arms outstretched with a big grin.

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Head sculptor Daniel Woodley told Daily Mail Australia it was easier to create the wax figure as “it’s much easier with the internet and there’s so many images available”.

“We sent the figure brief through to Steve Irwin’s life Terri, she had some suggestions about the pose and sent back another image of him she really liked.

“From there two sculptors got to work creating the initial shape from clay, one sculpting the head and the other working on the body.

“Once we’re happy with the clay and the likeness we move to the moulding department.

“Wax is a pliable material so we then remove the mould lines from the wax and hollow out the mouth and add details to the face.

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Daily Mail reveals each individual strand of hair on the head and face is then inserted into the figure individually, which can take over a month.

“In the case of Steve Irwin we were very fortunate we had a full costume donated and he is wearing clothes and boots he would have worn,” Mr Woodley said.

The Irwin family are yet to see the final product and Mr Woodley believes it will be an emotional experience when they do as it feels like you’re standing in his present.

The Crocodile Hunter will be brought to Madame Tussauds Sydney in August.

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Take a look at the images of the wax figure below and tell us, do you think it would be a bit unsettling to see a wax figure of a family member? Or is this a beautiful commemoration?