These male stars of the 70s sent hearts fluttering

They were the stars of films and television.  Just the sight of them would send hearts fluttering around the world.

They were the stars of films and television.  Just the sight of them would send hearts fluttering around the world.  Who from this list did you have a crush on?  Who should have been on the list but missed out?

1. Tom Selleck

Thankful for the shirtless appearances on the TV series Magnum, P.I.

tom selleck


2. Harrison Ford

Our Star Wars superhero was easy on the eyes too.

harrison ford


3. Chevy Chase

chevy chase

4. John Travolta

He’s got killer moves and looks.

john travolta


5. David Cassidy

Our teen heartthrob! Do you remember loving The Partridge Family?

david cassidy


6. Donny Osmond

Donny was another teen idol for us, and we watched him grow up into a handsome fella!

donny osmond


7. Ryan O’Neal

One of the best-looking guys and best-looking couples with Farrah Fawcett.

ryan oneal


8. Rick Springfield

Did you have his posters plastered all over your bedroom?


9. Neil Diamond

He stole our hearts with his music and good looks.

neil diamond

10. Sean Connery

The sexiest James Bond – what do you reckon?



11. Paul Michael Glaser

Best known for being a hot cop in Starsky & Hutch.

paul michael glaser


12. Henry Winkler

The Fonz. That smile. How could you not love him?

henry winkler


13. Al Pacino

Good guy or bad guy. Regardless, he’s sexy.

al pacino


14. Mark Harmon

He caught our attention in the 1970s and continues to be a babe!

Mark Harmon


15. Mark Hamill

Our other favourite Star Wars favourite, Luke Skywalker.

mark hamill


16. Erik Estrada

From the TV show, CHiPs, he’s definitely our favourite police officer.

Henry Enrique


17. Robert Redford

Director of the Academy Award winning Ordinary People, this ginger isn’t ordinary at all!

robert redford

Tell us, who was your favourite male celebrity from the 60s and 70s? Who did we forget in this list? 

  1. Gregory Peck , what a voice ,Richard Harris , Johne Wayne who could forget Wayne picking up a bit of 4×2 wood swinging it around & knocking 2 crooks back down into the mud. Dean Martin , great singing voice Elvis ??
    Think I’ve forgotten a few Oh yes Frankie Lane .

    • Ann South-Goldsmith  

      With you. Tom Sellicks for sure.

  2. [email protected]  

    Henry Winkler I like that smile!

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