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The Starts at 60 DIY will kit is powered by Lawpath and very easy to use.

Powered by Lawpath

Get your DIY will now for only $69

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Starts at 60 has partnered with online legal experts Lawpath to offer an exclusive DIY online will you can build yourself and enable in just 15 minutes or less. Put in place an up-to-date and effective will using this easy and online do-it-yourself will system for only $69.  

A will is an essential legal document that communicates your wishes in relation to your estate. It ensures your interests and those of the people you care about are protected and taken care of according to your wishes. Clarity in documenting your distribution of estate prevents potential conflict about any property and/or residual property that might arise.

What does the Starts at 60 DIY will kit cover?

  • Appointing an executor of your will
  • Gifts of property
  • Donations
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Payment from your estate
  • Allocation of land and money; and
  • Passing along digital assets. 

The Starts at 60 DIY Will is customisable and ready to use in under 15 minutes.

Looking to have your will done inexpensively, with the help of a lawyer, at a fixed price?  Take a look at our affordable fixed price lawyer-advised will packages here for Starts at 60 Members.