‘When fire ravaged our country, it began the plight of man’

Jan 08, 2020
Bushfires have been burning across Australia. Source: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

The day war came to Australia
Was when it all began
When fire ravaged our country
It began the plight of man.

Our leaders all forgot to lead
And people left alone
On Malacoota beach they swarmed
To escape the fires scorn.

And Firies? They became the heroes
Of Australia’s war
They worked until they couldn’t stand
With hoses, bits and more.

They had to buy a mask to escape
The fumes and ashes shed
And no other bastard would ever go
It made our leaders scared.

The navy it was finally brought
To save those left alone
And people they just tried to survive
Without water, food or home.

But those brave Firies kept at it
Without pay, or thanks or hope
When every other place was lost
They kept on with their hose.

Cobargo, Bermaguie and Batemans Bay
Wollondilly, I’ve just lost count
The fires even met up with
Victoria, no doubt.

And those to the north who lost their home?
Koalas and Kangaroos bare
Half a million animals
Lost their lives just where,
No others would go to save them, no
They had no hope in hell.

Some couldn’t even find their bones
The fire was straight from hell.
And many people lost their lives
As families live to say
Of how they braved the fire’s scorn
And died on that sad day.

The war it came to Australia
Is one history will never forget.
It changed the world, the atmosphere
With climate change and yet
We will live on, just differently
It may not be the same.

You see we’ll all become hermits now
Stuck inside our home.

And Firies, we’ll always remember them
On that fateful day
When war came to Australia
And fire became man’s prey.

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