Woolworths warns of worrying Facebook scam promising ‘free groceries’

A warning has been issued to Aussie shoppers about an unauthorised Facebook page which is seemingly offering “free groceries” to committed customers.

The scam page, made to appear as if it is affiliated with popular supermarket chain Woolworths, has caused concern among the community with thousands of customers falling for its devious tricks.

On Sunday the page posted a message to followers, claiming that the supermarket would hand out an entire year’s worth of free groceries to one shopper who simply comments the word “done”.

“For our birthday, we have decided to give one person who shares and comments ‘done’ below by June 27th one year of free groceries,” the post reads.

Woolworths have warned Aussies of a scam Facebook page offering customers free groceries. Source: Facebook/ Woolworths Fans

The post received over 1,700 comments and 830 shares with the majority of followers believing it was a credible site and thought they were in for a chance at a win.

Meanwhile, the page, which is in no way affiliated with Woolworths, had previously posted other “giveaways” where it promised goods in exchange for likes and shares.

“To celebrate our anniversary this year, we will be awarding 30 lucky fans with a surprise gift box each containing a $500 vouchеᴦ and store t-shirt,” another post on the scamming site read. “All you must do is shaᴦе and commеnt below by May 19th for your chance! Like our page for updates.”

Woolworths has since been made aware of the scam page and confirmed it is not connected to the supermarket and is a trick site set up to gain access to customers personal details.

“We can confirm that this is not an authorised Woolworths Facebook page and is not affiliates with us in any way,” a spokesperson explained.

“We have contacted Facebook to ask for the page to be taken down promptly.”

The supermarket also encouraged shoppers to be aware of other scams and confirmed Woolworths would never ask for shoppers details via that form of communication.

“We encourage our customers to be vigilant of online phishing scams, which seek to imitate well-known brands to collect personal information,” the spokesperson added.

“We will never ask our customers for their personal or banking details in unsolicited communications.”

They added: “We report scams to the ACCC’s SCAM Watch and regularly update our Scam Alerts page on our website to help keep customers secure online.”


ScamWatch has also made Australians aware of the site in a post on social media, confirming once again that it is run by scammers and should not be trusted.

The post on Twitter read: “Woolworths is warning shoppers about a phishing scam on Facebook. The imposter Woolworths Facebook page is promoting fake giveaways for liking or sharing posts.”

Have you seen the unauthorised Facebook page? Have you ever fallen victim to a scam?

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