Toddler, 2, rushed to hospital following vicious dog attack

A two-year-old girl was transported to hospital after being attacked on the face my a dog at a property in Melbourne. Source: Getty

A toddler has sustained injuries to her face after being mauled by a dog in yet another horrific attack.

According to the news outlet, she was discovered with facial injuries from the attack on Rennie Street in the suburb of Coburg and transported to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

A spokeswoman for the hospital confirmed to 7 News on Friday that the toddler was in a stable condition following the dog attack.

Police are yet to confirm further details on the attack and what breed of dog was involved.

The shocking attack is just one of many to occur over the past few months. Just weeks ago a mother suffered serious injuries after being attacked by two dogs, as her young children watched on in fright.

The family were playing in the backyard of the victim’s father Craig Kinder’s property in Beaconsfield, Tasmania, with his English springer spaniel when two American bulldogs burst through the fence.

Speaking about the violent attack on 3AW, grandad Craig said his daughter was fending off the two dogs to protect the smaller pup and her children when they latched onto her arm.

“She was telling my granddaughter to take my grandson inside… while these two American bulldogs were busy attacking,” he told host Neil Mitchell.

Thankfully according to Craig, his daughter is on the mend, however his beloved dog was “ragdolled” by the bigger animals and has been at the vet’s undergoing treatment to mend injuries.

The father explained the two dogs were immediately given to the council when they arrived and have since been put down with the approval of the owners, who had only moved into the property next door days before.

Around the same time an 11-year-old was viciously attacked by his family’s pet dog in Melbourne’s north-west.

According to a report in The Age, the boy suffered facial injuries after being attacked by the dog, believed to be a Doberman cross, in the backyard of his home at Cairnlea with emergency services called to the scene.

He was taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital with facial injuries in a stable condition.

A neighbour told the Sunday Herald Sun the family had two children and the dog was often aggressive.

“If I saw that dog half a metre away from me, I’d be scared,” she said.

Meanwhile, Brimbank Council Director of City Development Kevin Walsh told the publication the dog was not registered.

“In a tragic backyard attack, an 11-year-old child was mauled on the face by a family Doberman,” he said.

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