Scamp the Tramp wins World’s Ugliest Dog contest

This year's World's Ugliest Dog Competition winner Scamp the Tramp. Source: Getty

Every dog has its day and for Scamp the Tramp that day came this week when he took home the top prize at the World’s Ugliest Dog contest.

The annual competition showcases some of the world’s most peculiar looking pooches, with crossed eyes, patches of hair loss, crooked teeth and squashed faces on display and in demand.

When it came to the ugliest in show though, the judges couldn’t go past Scamp the Tramp, who’s matted fur and permanently dozy expression won him the gold at the US competition.

Scamp the Tramp’s owner Yvonne Morones of Santa Rosa, California, received US$1,500 (A$2,000, £1,130) for her triumph – and there’s no doubt plenty of it will go to a few juicy treats for the small pooch.

This year’s World’s Ugliest Dog contest winner Scamp the Tramp. Source: Getty

“He’s Scamp the Champ, no longer Scamp the Tramp,” Morones told reporters after the win.“I think the audience saw his beautiful spirit and everything he’s given back to the community.”

The event, which is actually a celebration of the dogs — many of which are rescued from shelters — has been running for more than 25 years and is intended to promote pet adoption around the world. Organisers say they hope to show people that not all dogs have to be pedigree to be man’s best friend.

As well as Scamp the Tramp, this year’s competitors included a Pekingese with beady eyes named Wild Thang and a Chihuahua with no teeth or lower jaw.

Second place went to Wild Thang, a Pekinese with beady eye. Source: Getty

Hairless chihuahua Rascal Deux’s has won a number of ugly dog competitions in the past and looked in fine form as he posed in round shades.

Rascal Deux, a Chinese Crested, wears sunglasses while being held up by his owner Dane Andrew during The World’s Ugliest Dog Competition. Source: Getty

Last year, an English bulldog named Zsa Zsa, with an underbite, lolling tongue and bowed legs took the title. Sadly, Zsa Zsa died about a year ago at age 9.

Zsa Zsa has been named the World's Ugliest Dog. Source: Getty
Last year’s World’s Ugliest Dog contest winner Zsa Zsa. Source: Getty

The year before that, first place went to a 57 kilogram neapolitan mastiff, named Martha, with a droopy face.

Last year's World's Ugliest Dog Competition winner Martha. Source: Getty
In 2017, Martha took out the first prize. Source: Getty

Who would you have picked as the winner? Do you have a dog?

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