Red or white? Your preferred wine says a lot about your personality

Your choice of wine can say a lot about your personality. Source: Getty

New research has found that the type of wine you drink can say a lot about your personality.

If you prefer to stay up late, consider yourself an extrovert and identify as curious, sarcastic and a perfectionist, results found you’re probably a white wine drinker.

The survey of 2,000 Americans, commissioned by Coravin and conducted by OnePoll, looked at the differences in personality traits between those who drink white wine and those who prefer red.

The results found that white wine drinkers were more likely to be night owls, prefer cats to dogs and listen to punk music. It also revealed that white wine drinkers were less likely to be a wine aficionado.

On the other hand, red wine drinkers tended to be early rises, listen to jazz music and were more likely to identify as adventurous, humble and organised. They also consider themselves introverts, prefer dogs to cats and more likely to be a wine connoisseur.

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Meanwhile, it comes after a study found out red wine might not be all bad when it comes to high blood pressure.

A molecule found in the drink could one day be used to lower blood pressure and target other major heart and circulatory diseases, British researchers have claimed. A new study led by researchers from the King’s British Heart Foundation Centre of Excellence says the molecule, known as resveratrol, is a compound produced by the skins of certain fruits such as grapes in self defence against insects, bacteria and fungi.

Researchers gave a dose of resveratrol to mice with induced high blood pressure to test whether the molecule had any impact on lowering hypertension. They found that resveratrol caused the blood vessels of mice to relax and their blood pressure to drop — noting the molecule interacted with a protein in the walls of the blood vessels.

The study, published in the Circulation Journal, also demonstrated that resveratrol works in the same way in smooth muscle cells from human blood vessels. At present, there’s no medication or treatment that specifically targets this pathway and the findings could lead to the development of new blood pressure medications.

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