‘I’m never going to change’: Nick Kyrgios lashes out in fiery press conference

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Nick Kyrgios wasn't interested in answering the questions of reporters in a post-match press conference on Tuesday. Source: YouTube/ Wimbledon

Nick Kyrgios has once again unleashed his ‘bad boy’ behaviour during a fiery press conference, making an angry dig at reporters and labelling their questions “unbelievable”.

The Aussie tennis player had a battle on his hands against fellow Australian Jordan Thompson, defeating him 7-6, 3-6, 7-6, 0-6, 6-1 in a tense opening round on Tuesday.

But it was his interview post match that has caused a stir, as the 24-year-old told journalists to get their facts straight while making fun of their queries about his latest on-court outburst.

During the match, Kyrgios was heard complaining about someone in the stands being too loud and also slammed a person with a camera when the sun reflected off the lens.

Hoping to gain some insight on the situation, a reporter questioned him over what exactly had made him so annoyed and who he blamed for the upset – to which a disgruntled Kyrgios replied: “What’s your question?”

After explaining it was a steward who was being too loud when they were showing people to their seats, the tennis star lashed out at the reporter and mocked his question.

“That’s an unbelievable question by you,” he claimed. “So good, so interesting.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Kyrgios was questioned over his miracle turn around in the match against Thompson, after dropping the fourth set 6-0 in just 18 minutes.

The tennis player once again lashed out against the reporter when asked what the reason for the dramatic change in play was.

“Can you tell us what happened in the fourth set when you were bageled, then turned it around?” the journalist queried. Kyrgios replied: “You just answered your own question there didn’t you?”

Changing the direction of his questions, the reporter then asked: “Does that show how unpredictable you are?”

To which the Aussie star replied: “If a boxer puts his hands down in a fight, does that mean he’s not trying? Yes, no? What’s that? It means he’s trying or not trying?”

Kyrgios was also asked several questions about his thoughts on Rafael Nadal as the player prepares to potentially take on the world number two in the next round.

His complicated history with the star player was a hot topic, with one reporter determined to gauge his opinion on Nadal and how their past feud could impact upcoming games.

Kyrgios was simply not interested in discussing the talented Spanish player and replied: “Can I ask you what his uncle said first? Do you have that fact? Once you have that, then I’ll answer your question.”

He continued: “Did I go at him first or did his uncle come at me first? Coming from a journalist I just assume you’ve got your information right.”

Still hoping to get an answer the reporter replied: “Do you want to tell me?”

“No that’s not my job,” Kyrgios said abruptly.

Later in the chat the reporter tried his luck again, only to be shot down by the tennis player who signalled to a reporter behind him to speak instead.

But as it reached the final question of the media conference, the journalist finally got his chance, asking Kyrgios if he would like to get to know Nadal better, or if he wishes Nadal had a better understanding of him as a person.

“Here he is, he’s excited he got the last question,” Kyrgios joked. “Not sure that me and Rafa could go down to the Dog and Fox and have a beer together. I don’t know him at all. I know him as a tennis player. No, I don’t know him very well. I don’t know what you want me to say to the question. It’s a very strange question.”

Despite the ongoing criticism of his on-court attitude and fiery personality, Kyrgios said elsewhere in the conference that he is not planning on changing any time soon.

He said while there are some who don’t agree with his style of play, they are still going to watch the match.

“I’m never going to change,” he explained. “I used to be like this when I played under 12’s, 14’s. I just go out there and have fun and play the game I want. At the end of the day I know people are going to watch. They can say the way I play isn’t right, he’s classless in the sport and all of that but they’re probably still going to be there watching.”

Kyrgios later added: “Just because I’m different and go about it in a different way it causes a stir. But I understand that people are different. If everyone was the same it would be very boring. It’s hard for the tennis world to understand the way I go about it and I don’t understand why.”

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