Hop to it! Survey reveals where to buy the tastiest hot cross buns this Easter

Choice tested 15 different hot cross buns to find out which one is best. Source: Getty

If you’ve visited the supermarket recently, you’ve no doubt noticed the piles of chocolate treats and hot cross buns filling the shelves in the lead up to Easter. There’s only a few weeks until the big day and whether you’re planning a big get together with the family, or a relaxed weekend at home, there’s certainly going to be some sweet treats involved.

But, with so many places offering up the Easter treat of hot cross buns, it can be difficult to know which is best. So, where should you shop this Easter for the breakfast food? Fear not, Choice has done the hard work for you, tasting the delicious treats and coming up with a list of the best on the market.

As part of the study the team at Choice taste-tested 15 hot cross buns – both “traditional” fruit and chocolate chip varieties, as well as gluten-free and regular, from the major supermarkets Coles, Woolworths and Aldi, as well as bakery chains Bakers Delight and Brumby’s, and warehouse Costco.

Each bun was subject to a blind tasting and judged on its flavour, appearance, aroma and texture. And according to Choice, there was one clear winner, with Bakers Delight receiving top scores in all of the testings.

The traditional hot cross buns from the bakery chain received an impressive score of 78 per cent, with taste testers describing them as nice and soft, with the spice in the dough giving them a great flavour.

Following closely behind was Woolworths, with a score of 72 per cent. The traditional hot cross buns were also praised for being nice and soft with a good aroma. Meanwhile, Coles and Aldi both came in third place with 71 per cent each. The Coles hot cross buns had an even distribution of sultanas, while the Aldi buns were the second cheapest in the test, behind Costco.

But, if fruit isn’t your thing then perhaps a choc-chip hot cross bun would be the better choice. Choice said there’s plenty on offer for the chocoholics out there, with Bakers Delight, Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and Brumby all offering up the delicious treat.

Choice judged the hot cross buns on their taste, appearance, aroma and texture.

Once agin Bakers Delight came out on top, this time receiving a score of 82 per cent in the blind tasting. The buns had lots of chocolate pieces for those of you with a sweet-tooth, and had a “good moist, soft texture”.

If you don’t have a Bakers Delight close by then, according to Choice, you should head to Coles instead. The supermarket’s hot cross buns, scored a solid 77 per cent.

“With 28 per cent choc chips, these are the most chocolate-y of the choc chip products we tested,” Choice food journalist Rachel Clemons said.

Meanwhile, Woolworths also impressed with its hot cross buns which contain delicious Cadbury milk chocolate chips. These buns scored 74 per cent in testing.

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Where do you buy your hot cross buns from? Do you go for the traditional fruit one, or do you prefer a different flavour?

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