Rod Stewart celebrates 75th birthday from hospital

Rod Stewart celebrated his 75th birthday in hospital. Source: Instagram/ Penny Lancaster

Rod Stewart has been forced to take some down time on his birthday, instead of his usual celebrations, as he rested up in bed following knee surgery.

The rock singer, who celebrated his 75th birthday on Friday, spent the day in hospital after undergoing a knee replacement. However, according to his wife Penny Lancaster, the star isn’t letting anything get in his way of recovery.

The model took to social media on Friday to share a photo of her rockstar husband from his hospital room, explaining he was getting discharged that day. In the snap, Rod sported a dressing gown, compression socks and stockings. 

“Roddy is doing remarkably well after his knee replacement surgery on Tuesday (so well that the naughty boy keeps trying to walk without his crutches),” she wrote. “Luckily he is being discharged today to celebrate his 75th tonight and home this weekend to see the boys play football!”

In a seperate post on Instagram, Penny also shared a cute post of the couple, as she looked back on their years together. “Love this man, from 55 to 75, Happy Birthday darling, ‘dream team’,” she wrote alongside the throwback photo.

Fans have joined in on the celebration leaving their own birthday wishes for Rod.

“Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day, never a dull moment,” @claudia_asbach wrote on the Instagram post. “Wishing you a speedy recovery,” @amypatterson68 said.

“Wow the hospital looks swish. I love that he has his beloved Celtic flag with him. Enjoy the birthday celebrations,” @bojanglecockapoo added.

Meanwhile, Rod seems to be in good spirits, sharing footage of himself dancing up a storm in his lounge room as he prepares to head off on a tour of North America.

In the footage, Rod can be seen busting out his best moves with a huge smile spread across his face.

His dancing impressed fans who showed their support for Rod in messages online.

“You still got it, keep on rocking sir!” @ilona_love_live wrote on the singer’s Instagram post.

“OMG. I want to practice with you … I’m going to hard rock to see you in Feb,” @shanawitt said. “They’re in for a treat! London gig was awesome,” @bevinlindert added.


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Do you have a birthday message for Rod Stewart? Have you ever undergone knee surgery?

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