‘In so much pain’: Grant Denyer’s wife gives update following backyard accident

Grant Denyer is resting up in hospital after suffering an injury while completing some odd jobs at home. Source: Instagram/ Chezzi Denyer

Television presenter Grant Denyer remains in hospital in serious pain following a unfortunate backyard accident at the weekend.

The 41-year-old was rushed to hospital on Saturday afternoon after injuring himself while attempting to undertake a home project. He was using a sledgehammer to hammer in a star picket when he suffered a bulging disc.

On Monday morning, Denyer appeared on 2Day FM and revealed he was having trouble standing or sitting for long periods of time. The former Sunrise star was unable to take to the stage alongside co-host Amanda Keller for the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars.

Now days later, his wife Chezzi has taken to social media to update fans on her husband’s condition, claiming he’s in “so much pain” following the unfortunate event.

“Not real fair, but then that is life,” she wrote on an Instagram post alongside a photo of the TV host resting up in a hospital bed. “At least we now know what we’re dealing with now. Annular Fissure or ruptured/torn disc.

“It’s been quite a number of years since I’ve seen my hubby in so much pain… OUCH!”

The concerned wife went on to thank everyone for their support this week as Denyer continues to rest up.

“A big thanks to everyone for all the beautiful well wishes,” she continued. “We will get there and until then, know we’re so grateful for all the love.”

She added: “And I should add, this was not a racing accident. Grant has been hammering in some stakes down our paddock to hold up new trees that were blowing in the wind when it happened!”

Worried fans were quick to send their best wishes to Denyer as he continues to recover from the shock accident.

One person on Instagram wrote: “Sending you all so much love! Lots of rest, lots of down time and lots of TLC. Sometimes the universe does things to tell us to slow down, even if it is unfair. We must listen and take care of our bodies. Wishing him a speedy recovery.”

Another comment read: “Oh goodness sorry to hear this guys, hope healing comes swiftly for him and all of you.”

A third fan added: “I feel your pain Grant, get well soon, it is no fun that is for sure. On the plus side you are rocking that sexy designer hospital gown!”

During his appearance on 2Day FM earlier this week Denyer explained what led to the painful injury.

During the phone chat with Ed Kavalee and Ash London, the Gold Logie award winner said he had been in the backyard trying to finish off some odd jobs when the accident took place.

“I was down the paddock mate with my Akubra on, my flannos’ [flannelette shirt], just slamming away on a star picket with a huge sledgehammer and twang – away it went,” he said.

Kavalee then asked for clarification on how the incident occurred questioning: “So you were trying to hammer something into the ground with a mallet?”

“Yes, I’m trying to grow some trees and these trees need to be held up by posts,” Denyer replied.

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