Goldie Hawn stuns fans with nostalgic broth recipe complete with chicken feet

Every family has their own unique way of creating broth and Goldie Hawn has stunned fans by using chicken feet in her creation. Source:

She’s known all over the world for being one of Hollywood’s most successful stars and in addition her fame and fortune, Goldie Hawn has proven she’s also a whizz in the kitchen.

The 73-year-old mother-of-three recently wowed her fans by revealing the unusual ingredients she used to make the perfect chicken broth. Many in the Starts at 60 community will recall their own mothers or grandmothers using every piece of a chicken to make the ultimate broth.

Not only did this method add flavour, but it ensured money wasn’t being wasted and all parts of the bird were going to good use. If Goldie’s latest Instagram video is anything to go by, it’s a method that she still uses to this day.

The Seems Like Old Times actress shared a humorous video on Thursday evening, detailing the exact way to perfect what she calls her “Gogo’s bone broth recipe”.

“Now I’m making bone broth,” the grandmother-of-six explained as she stirred the contents of her slow cooker. “It’s chicken bone broth, which they say is really really good for you.”

Bone broth is known to be high in collagen which can promote healthy joints, skin and hair. As Goldie stirred the fluid, it quickly became noticeable that she’d chosen to include whole chicken feet — complete with claws — as the star of the classic dish.

“I had to get chicken feet. They say that it makes the best broth,” she said. Hilariously, the Snatched star could be heard saying “ew” as she used a spoon to scoop up one of the feet to show her fans.

“It’s kind of disgusting,” she explained. “I actually had to go to China Town to get them.”

She then proceeded to taste the soup, but didn’t seem entirely thrilled with her creation.

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Gogo’s bone broth recipe👩🏼‍🍳🐓

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“I don’t know,” she said. “Maybe I should have had a manicure or something.”

As food lovers already know, broths can be consumed alone, or can be used to prepare other dishes such as soups, gravies and sauces. It often gives a bit more flavour than standard stocks that are available at supermarkets and is the comfort food perfect for the cooler months.

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Fans weren’t sure what to make of the creation, sharing their opinion on Instagram.

One person said: “Just use a whole chicken silly lady! It makes the best broth.”

Another comment read: “Need to add onions or ginger. Next time, see if they can trim the nails for you. You have to cook it along time, til [sic] it falls apart. It’s one of my favourites.”

A third joked: “I hope you take out the feet when you are ready to serve your soup.”

What are your thoughts on Goldie’s broth creation? What’s your best tip for the perfect broth?

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