‘Absolute joy’: School kids reduce judges to tears with talent show flash mob

Britain's Got Talent judge David Walliams had tears streaming down his face after watching a performance by a school choir. Source: YouTube/ Britain's Got Talent

A group of school children left the Britain’s Got Talent judges in tears this week as they took to the stage to perform an uplifting flash mob complete with live singing, outlandish costumes and contagious dance moves.

The choir from Flakefleet Primary School in the UK filled the audition room with emotion – even reducing a number of judges to tears – due to their sheer enthusiasm as they performed Queen hit ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ on the TV talent show over the weekend.

The talented kids, aged between four and 11-years old, were joined by their teacher, who explained that the idea to take part in the show actually came from one of the students.

“Some are amazing singers, some are just enthusiastic,” he told the judges.

Once given the all clear to go ahead the teacher took his prime position in front of his students, ready to guide them through the performance. But before beginning, he told the kids: “Really proud of you no matter what you’ve done. You’re amazing kids, lets go for it!”

The performance began with just five kids on stage, with the group belting out the iconic opening lines to the song – but it wasn’t long before they were joined by their classmates, dressed in a range of outfits, which included The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper, a traffic cone and a leprechaun.

At one point one of the kids could be seen flying across the stage in rollerblades as the rest showed off their best dancing moves, while another was pushed around by the teacher in a handcrafted racing car fashioned out of a shopping trolley.

The uplifting performance got the crowd on their feet with people of all ages clapping and dancing along to the song. After a few minutes the song ended and the students all ran into the middle giving each other a big celebratory hug.

Meanwhile judge David Walliams had tears streaming down his face as the others patted their eyes to stop themselves crying.

“That was absolute chaos and absolute joy, thank you so much,” judge Alesha Dixon told the choir.

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Simon Cowell then addressed the teacher adding: “I think you are so important to kids this age, to remind them to have fun. Your joy that you radiated is infectious and this to me is what Britain’s Got Talent is all about.”

But it was Walliams who was affected the most by the performance, visibly crying as he thanked the kids for their efforts.

“It was one of the most joyous things I’ve ever seen, you’ve just made all our hearts sore today,” he explained. “It’s what you would have wanted your childhood to be like and what you want your children’s childhood to be like, which is just full of unbridled joy.”

The Little Britain star then lent over and pressed the prized golden buzzer, sending the choir straight to the semi-finals of the competition. The kids and teacher were overcome with emotion with most struggling to hold back their tears as they embraced in the middle of the stage.

“You are a great teacher,” Walliams said as he joined the group on stage. “Well done everybody.”

What did you think of the performance?

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