‘Lovely to see you Camilla!’ Rude ‘Queen’ leaves talent show judges in stitches

A participant on Britain's Got Talent left judges in tears of laughter for her hilarious portrayal of the Queen. Source: YouTube/ Britain's Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent judges were left in fits of laughter this week when an Aussie comedian made a hilarious appearance on the talent show to impersonate the Queen.

Dressed in his best royal attire, Gerry Connolly received rousing applause from shocked viewers who initially believed they were seeing a real member of the royal family take to the stage.

After taking prime position on a lavish throne, the contestant gave his best royal wave to the crowd while dressed as the Queen before beginning the act. However, what ‘Her Majesty’ had to say was far removed from Queen Elizabeth’s usual polite manner, with a series of shocking insults aimed at the judging panel.

“That’s right Mr Cowell, the boss is finally here,” Connolly began, while looking straight at judge Simon Cowell.

The comedian then turned to TV host Amanda Holden and added: “So good to see a member of the royal family sitting next to Simon, it’s lovely to see you Camilla.”

After a few shocked laughs from both Amanda and audience members, “the Queen” continued her address, and she certainly didn’t hold back with the rude comments.

“It is rare indeed for the sovereign to appear on such an insignificant occasion but as I look down on you all, I am happy to patronise you,” the auditionee said with a stern tone.

“Queens have always patronised the arts and the arts have relied upon the support of Queens.”

The hilarious act went even further as Connolly slammed the show’s apparent lack of talented participants, before taking a dig at another of the program’s hosts, singer Alesha Dixon.

“It is with regret ladies and gentlemen I have noted that recently Britain’s Got Talent has suffered enormously,” ‘Her Royal Highness’ continued. “There have been far too many below average variety acts, and I’m not referring to Alesha Dixon.”

It was at this point that Alesha decided to press her buzzer, in hopes of booting the act out of the show. However, it didn’t seem to phase the contestant who promptly said: “I beg your pardon”. This again launched the audience into fits of laughter.

‘The Queen’ continued by taking a dig at the judges’ use of plastic surgery, saying: “I’m sure you all agree that plastic is the modern scourge on the face of this planet. Of all the men and women of these islands no greater innovation has been made than by our judging panel who have stored a great amount of plastic in their faces.”

But that wasn’t the end of it either as Connolly finally took one final swipe at Cowell, who was seen laughing throughout the act.

“For their services to the entertainment industry, as well as David Walliams, have been awarded OBE (Order of the British Empire),” the contestant joked. “Simon there is only one thing standing between you and the knighthood and that’s the golden buzzer.

“I have much pleasure ladies and gentlemen in declaring the search for the talent in Great Britain officially open.”

Connolly is a well known comedian in Australia and has previously made guest appearances on Live and Sweaty, Tonight Live, Hey Hey Its Saturday, Fast Forward and Good News Week. He has also pulled off hilarious performances at the AFI Awards, TV Week Logie Awards and numerous comedy festivals.

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