Greatest moment in cricket history? UK’s Ben Stokes steals Ashes win from Aussies

Ben Stokes led England to victory in the third round of the Ashes Test against Australia at the weekend with many claiming it was one of the greatest moments in cricket history. Source: Getty

England cricketer Ben Stokes is basking in glory after delivering his UK team an incredible win against Australia at the weekend in the third round of the Ashes Test, with many calling the shock U-turn the greatest moment in the sport’s history.

The 28-year-old swept Australia’s dreams of taking out the Ashes right away from under their feet, with fans praising the sporting star for an innings of 135 not out. Shoes were waved high in the air for the young sportsman following the spectacular feat, which saw England defeat Australia in the test by just one wicket, with Steve Smith’s previous winning century just weeks ago quickly forgotten.

The internet has been blown up with comments of support for Stokes from amazed sports fans, all congratulating the cricketer for the win. Some even likened the sporting young gun to Ian Botham who is widely known as one of the greatest cricketers in history. But as the streams of praise flood in, would you agree it will go down as a historical cricketing moment?

“Ben Stokes that was simply awesome …. this 100 will be remembered for a very long time … what a player @benstokes38 congratulations mate … #Ashes test cricket at its best … incredible” one person wrote on Twitter. While another said: “Knighthood for Ben Stokes! What a year for the all-rounder: won World Cup for England and now brought them back into the Ashes with an extraordinary century you will ever see. Ian Botham has found a rival for most influential English cricketer ever.”

And a third added: “Just witnessed one of the most amazing innings played courtesy of Ben Stokes. England registering an unlikely 1 wicket win in the test. Test cricket is very much alive.”

Botham himself even commended Stokes during an interview with Sky News calling him the “special one” following the win over Australia in the third Ashes Test. “I’ve banged Ben Stokes’ drum for a long time now and I know that other players when they’ve seen him think there’s something special,” he explained. “He is the special one. He is very, very valuable to cricket full stop, not just England, he will sell the game world wide. That was a really, really remarkable performance.”

Meanwhile, it seemed as if Stokes was still letting the win sink in with team mate Stuart Broad capturing a photo of the cricketer in the change rooms post match sitting back with his cap pulled over his face. In the post shared on Twitter, Broad wrote: “Not sure he can quite believe what he’s just done?”

However, there were a number of blunders by the Aussies that also led to their defeat at the weekend, with several chances to take home the win before Stokes took over on the field. There were dropped catches, bad reviews and missed run-outs throughout the match – all giving England the opportunity to creep up on its competitors.

This was witnessed by fans who defended England’s win and criticised the Aussies for caving to the pressure. “To say Australia were robbed wouldn’t be right,” one person said on Twitter. “They had a fair chance to review the wrong calls!” While another added: “Missing chances does not fall under being robbed. That is skill set. That is mental strength. What happened today was a poor decision that cost the match.”

While the win is a major success for the Brits, the incredible performance by the Australians earlier this month has been pushed to the side, with Steve Smith’s impressive century a thing of the past. After dealing with the ball tampering scandal and a ban from the competitive sport for 12 months the Aussie was well and truly back in the game at the beginning of the Ashes with many claiming his 100 was “one for the ages”.

Although the Australians were cheering in support, the England supporters weren’t in the spirit with boos heard from the crowd as he reached the century. However, this didn’t seem to phase Smith who smiled broadly at his team after his achievement.

Then just days later Smith did it again with a second century in the same Ashes boosting the Australians to glory. Fans went wild on the Internet with one person even writing: “Steve Smith is literally the best thing happened to test cricket in this century!”

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Did you watch the match between Australia and England at the weekend? Do you think Ben Stokes success was the greatest moment in cricket history?

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