Just like new! Creative hack to remove stubborn yellow stains from pillows

Your pillows will be looking beautiful and white by following this simple process. Source: Getty

No matter how often you wash your pillows, as well as making sure your face is dirt and make-up free before bed, somehow they always manage to end up an off-putting yellow colour after a period of time.

Once-white pillows are left looking old and dirty once they lose their brightness and many people choose to simply throw away their bedding and purchase new ones from the shops. But it may not be necessary to open up the wallet for a shopping spree any time soon with a simple recipe proven to make those yellow marks disappear.

This quick and easy method is sure to have your pillows looking just like new and it won’t break the bank as the ingredients are likely already sitting in your laundry cupboard.

What you need:

  • Hot water
  • 1 cup laundry detergent
  • 1 cup powered dishwasher detergent
  • 1/2 cup bleach


  1. Before washing check the care label on the pillow to confirm it can be machine washed.
  2. Start the machine and make sure all the detergent is dissolved before adding the pillows (top loading washing machine). For a front loading washing machine, fill a tub with the mixture and do the soaking there before transferring to the washing machine.
  3. Next, add the pillows and allow the washer to fill the rest of the way with hot water.
  4. Agitate the pillows for several minutes; turn the pillows over to make sure the top of the pillow gets the full effect.
  5. Put machine on a second rinse cycle or just run through twice.


  • Down/feather pillows: Use low key setting. Place a couple of tennis balls in clean socks to help fluff the pillows as they tumble dry. Or simply set pillows outside in the sun to dry.

Once you have your pillows looking fresh and new it’s best to keep up a regular cleaning schedule with your bedding to help prolong its life span. It’s recommended to wash pillowcases and bedding at least once per week so having multiple sets of sheets is handy in case it takes a while for them to dry.

If yellow spots do start to pop up, a simple stain removal spray should do the trick or you could make your own by mixing together some baking soda and water.

When was the last time you washed your pillows? How do you get your pillows white again?

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