Princess Mary dazzles at New Year’s party alongside Danish royals

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik stepped out to attend the annual New Year’s Banquet in Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen this week. Source: Instagram - DET DANSKE KONGEHUS

She’s known for her impeccable style and elegance and Princess Mary didn’t disappoint in the fashion department as she stepped out in a stunning gown for the annual New Year’s Banquet in Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen this week.

Hosted by Queen Margrethe, the New Year’s Banquet is a centuries-old tradition held for members of the Danish parliament, top officials and court management.

The Aussie-born royal wore a stunning floor-length patterned gown, matched with a silver tiara and diamond earrings, while Prince Frederick wore a traditional military uniform.

Mary also wore the distinctive Order of the Elephant around her neck — the court jeweller says the Order is Denmark’s oldest and most distinguished royal order of chivalry, and can be dated back to 1460.

Meanwhile Queen Margrethe looked equally as stunning in a gorgeous pink gown, matched with a fur stole and glittering accessories. 

The official Danish Royal Family website says of this event: “For centuries, the Royal Family and the Danes have wanted each other a happy new year and thus happiness and prosperity for the entire kingdom. 

“The origins of today’s New Year’s sheds and New Year’s Eve are lost, but already in the mid-17th century, the events around the turn of the year are referred to as an old custom, and the basic elements are still the same.”

The couple have been taking on increasing royal responsibilities in recent years as they prepare to ascend the throne. While there is no talk of Frederik’s mother Queen Margrethe II relinquishing her reign anytime soon, at 78, she is understandably winding back on her day-to-day duties.

Frederik’s father Prince Henrik died in February aged 83 after a short battle with with dementia. He had been in hospital for lung infection and a benign lung tumour and succumbed to his illness.

Although he had retired from royal duties years earlier, Henrik’s death sparked a movement of change within the royal family that saw Frederik and his brother Prince Joachim’s royal workloads increase.

Are you a fan of Princess Mary? Do you like her style?

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