The fight of the ‘mites — which is Australia’s favourite spread?

Vegemite is an Aussie breakfast staple, with over 22 million jars of the popular spread sold every year. Source: Getty.

While we all have a preference for either Vegemite, Marmite or Mightymite, is there a national favourite? A consumer review carried out by Choice has revealed the ultimate yeast or vegetable spread.

A total of nine products, including Marmite, OzEmite, ProMite and Vegemite’s gluten-free and salt-reduced varieties, were put under the microscope by 31 Choice staff who put their tastebuds on the line to determine which was the most superior spread.

In a blind taste test, samples were served on white bread with a non-dairy spread in a randomised order.

Vegemite Reduced Salt came in first place, with an overall score of 82 per cent. The original Vegemite wasn’t too far behind, receiving an overall score of 71 per cent, followed by AussieMite and Vegemite Gluten Free, which tied for third place with an overall score of 55 per cent.

Not only did Vegemite Reduced Salt take out the top spot — it also fooled the customer advocacy group’s taste testers. More than a third (35 per cent) thought the salt-reduced version was the original Vegemite.

“Very close to Vegemite. Balanced, good, would eat again,” taste tester Jason said about Vegemite’s salt-reduced version. Kate added: “Salty, tangy, delicious. Nice dark colour, good strong aroma.”

Meanwhile, the taste testers had a few things to say about British Marmite.

“Everything about this is bad,” Sunny said, while Andrea added, “Wow, I hate it. Tastes and smells like chemicals.” Kate B added: “Strange caramel colour, funky smell, gross taste. AVOID!”

There wasn’t much love for Promite Vegetable Extract Spread either, with Jason commenting: “Is there mustard in this? I feel sick. HATE.” Kim added, “Greasy, paint-like concoction,” while Kate B said: “Awful flavour, barely edible.”

While Vegemite’s salt-reduced version was a hit, the gluten-free offering wasn’t as popular among the taste testers.

“Like a stock cube that hasn’t dissolved,” Amanda said, while Erin F added: “So very bad.” Graham B said the spread had a horrible aftertaste.

The verdict:

  1. Vegemite Reduced Salt (82 per cent)
  2. Vegemite Original (71 per cent)
  3. AussieMite & Vegemite Gluten Free (55 per cent)
  4. Promite Vegetable Extract (52 per cent)
  5. Mightymite Glute Free Spread (48 per cent)
  6. Sanitarium Marmite (47 per cent)
  7. Our Mate Marmite Yeast Extract (45 per cent)
  8. OzMite Gluten Free Yeast Spread (41 per cent)

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Are you a fan of Vegemite? Which brand is your favourite?

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