Polly Waffle making a comeback as Australian company buys back iconic treat

Confirmed: Polly Waffle chocolate bars are returning to Aussie stores. Source: Supplied to Starts at 60 by Robern Menz

For many Baby Boomers, one of the best chocolates and sweets from their childhood was the iconic Polly Waffle chocolate bar.

Whether it was a tasty treat on a birthday or special occasion or something people purchased from the local corner store with their pocket money, it’s fair to say things haven’t been the same since Polly Waffles were pulled from shelves 10 years ago.

Now, in an exciting move, the treat will soon make a comeback around the country, with South Australian Business Robern Menz on Thursday announcing it had signed a deal with Nestle to bring back the Polly Waffle.

The announcement follows calls from people all over the country to bring the chocolate back to Aussie retails, with a Facebook page calling for the return of the chocolate bar gaining more than 55,000 members over the years.

“Today is a good day!,” a post from the company read on Facebook. “You asked for it… We bought the Polly Waffle brand!”

The post has made many people on social media very happy.

One comment read: “This is such a wonderful thing. You wouldn’t joke about this would you? I never thought I would see and taste them again.”

Another person said: “OMG [oh my god] I’m over the moon.”

A third added: “Fantastic news…can’t wait to see them in stores.”

In a statement sent to Starts at 60, Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims confirmed the news and explained that the fourth generation family owned Australian confectionery company had signed a deal with Nestle to acquire the Polly Waffle brand. This means Robern Menz will take ownership of the brand and trademark, as well as the famous recipe that’s been loved by Australians for generations.

“With production ceasing almost 10 years ago, Polly Waffle has entered into the territory of Australian legend. There are kids and even young adults out there who don’t really know what a Polly Waffle is and haven’t tasted it before, but there are also many devoted fans who have been campaigning hard for its return,” Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims said in a statement.

“Since taking over the Violet Crumble brand we have been bombarded with two distinct questions, when are you bringing back the bags of Violet Crumble and when are you bringing back Polly Waffle? There is even a Facebook page that has over 55K members petitioning to ‘Bring Back The Polly Waffle.’”

Sims explained that as an Australian brand, Robern Menz was excited to revive the famous chocolate and bring it back to market.

“Australia’s food production industry is important to our future economy and sustainability. We believe our role and contribution is keeping as much manufacturing here as possible and creating jobs, and we’ve been doing this for over 150 years,” Sims added.

Meanwhile, the move has also been backed by Nestle, who used to manufacture the chocolate bar.

“We are very excited about the idea of Polly Waffle coming back,” Nestlé Business Executive Officer Chris O’Donnell said in a statement. “Polly Waffle is one of those iconic brands that despite its absence from market still has a loyal following.

“We wish Robern Menz the best of luck in bringing it back and giving Australia’s Polly Waffle lovers the opportunity to enjoy it once again.”

Polly Waffle was originally created by Melbourne-based business Hoadley’s Chocolate in 1947 and was acquired by UK based confectioner Rowntrees in 1972. Swiss-based company purchased it in 1988 when it bought the Rowntree Hoadley’s business. The Polly Waffle chocolate bar was discontinued by Nestle in 2009.

The news follows the announcement last October that the company would also be bringing back Violet Crumble chocolates.

“To have custody of one of Australia’s great brands, and produce it in a way that does justice to its history, is a real privilege,” Sims said in a statement at the time. “The recipe and process technique is top-secret. That’s why the Violet Crumble explosive and shattering honeycomb experience is so unique and so loved by generations of Australians since it was first created in Australia by Abel Hoadley as Australia’s first chocolate bar in 1913.”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you remember the Polly Waffle? Are you excited for its return?

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