New Australia Day lamb ad pokes fun at Aussie culture

This year's lamb video has dropped just in time for Australia Day! The hilarious clip pokes fun at Aussie culture and even suggests we should join forces with New Zealand to form a new country. Source:

Lamb ads have become somewhat of a tradition in the lead up to Australia Day and this year’s offering from Meat and Livestock Australia has suggested the nation would be much better off if it united with neighbouring country New Zealand.

The video, directed by Tim Bullock and created by The Monkeys, calls for Aussies and Kiwis to bond over a lamb meal. The short clip begins with the nation’s first PM finalising the constitution act. This includes New Zealand becoming part of the Commonwealth.

Fast forward to modern days and the clip shows an MP explaining that Australia has lost its way as a nation.

“We used to be the greatest country on earth, but we have lost the plot,” he says. “Cheating at sport, can’t even hang on to a prime minister.”

Hilariously, a portrait of former PM Malcolm Turnbull is seen being taken off the wall.

“There’s only one obvious solution, don’t you think?” another MP says. “We finally make New Zealand part of us!”

“We create one nation,” the other MP suggests, poking fun at Pauline Hanson’s political party. “Wait, they hate us. They still haven’t for the whole underarm thing. How are we ever going to convince them?”

The female MP says the only way to fix the problem is with lamb and a Hemsworth, pointing to the popular Australian actors who have taken Hollywood by storm. When the MP says they don’t think they could afford a Hemsworth, they agree to win New Zealand back with just lamb.

The clip then shows some sizzling lamb floating in the middle of the ocean and two Kiwis stumbling upon it.

“That smells good,” one of the Kiwis says.

“That is the smell of unity,” one of the MPs adds, who has somehow also ended up in the middle of the ocean.

The second MP pipes up: “As we all know, Australia is the greatest country on earth, but frankly right now, New Zealand is doing Australia better than Australia.”

“So we propose we united to create New Australia,” the other MP suggests. “Sure, we’ve got a rivalry that dates back to Old Zealand, but think about it. We’ve got awesome stuff. You’ve got awesome stuff. Most of our awesome stuff is already yours.”

Of course, this part of the clip is pointing out how Australia has a habit of claiming many New Zealand things as its own. It also makes light of the Australia Day date controversy that rocks the nation each year.

Last year’s iconic ad saw neighbours squaring off in a West Side Story-inspired song and dance act about the left versus right side of politics.

“If you’re right you’re right about every single issue, the left can go cry,” sang the conservative pack.

“If you’re a left you stick up for the little guy — I mean person — we’re all equal no one left behind,” the left shot back. Shimmying and shaking, the right exclaimed: “If you’re a right you think equal rights are wrong. It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Global warming’s a lie, it’s BS that we won’t buy.”

Are you a fan of the lamb ads? What did you think of this year’s offering?

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