Samuel Johnson leaves crowd in tears on DWTS with moving dance for late sister

Samuel Johnson fought back tears following his performance. Source: Channel 10/Ten Play.

An emotional Samuel Johnson left the Dancing With The Stars crowd and host Amanda Keller in tears after performing a deeply moving tribute performance for his late sister on Monday night’s show.

The actor, 41, sadly lost his sister Connie in 2017 following her battle with breast cancer and he devoted his dance on the show to their entire lives together.

After performing the raw routine – which saw him carry and throw his partner around the dance floor before ending with a look of agony on his face, sat alone on a swing – Samuel struggled to speak as he choked up while chatting to Amanda in front of the judges.

Asked how he was feeling, Samuel managed to say: “All the feelings. Can you feel it?”

Agreeing, Amanda then asked if he felt he’d achieved his goal of summing up his life with his sister, to which an emotional Samuel said: “I reckon.”

The cameras immediately captured Amanda’s reaction as she herself choked up between words, before panning round to the audience and showing Studio 10 favourite Angela Bishop wiping away tears.

The judges were all impressed by the tribute dance, with each sharing their admiration for his bravery.

The Secret Life of Us actor revealed his inspiration for the performance earlier in the show, saying on camera: “My memorable year is 2017, the year I lost my sister.

Angela Bishop was seen wiping away tears in the crowd. Source: Channel 10/Ten Play.
Angela Bishop was seen wiping away tears in the crowd. Source: Channel 10/Ten Play.

“She left this extraordinary legacy for the country. It’s not the cancer that’s making me crying it’s all she did for me. The biggest thing she taught me is that now is awesome and to insist on joy.

“I had an extraordinary relationship with my sister over 40 years. We are telling that entire story – the entire relationship, not just a cancer patient. We are condensing time into one minute and we’re going to tell the whole story.”

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Rainbows carry hefty pricetags, turns out.Thanks for showing me that life is what we make it to be. Thanks for teaching me that now can still be awesome, even when you've so nearly run out of now and have no more real awesome left. I wish I could soften your pain, or lessen your fear, or give you something tangible, but tangible clearly isn't in season. I'm proud to walk you to the hardest part of the road. The end. The only part of the road in your life that must sadly be travelled alone. Chin up please, amidst the growing dark my girl. Shoulders back. Stand tall through that savage march, stand big and tall, dear sister, for you have lived a life to be proud of. You've loved well, and you've been loved well which is all that really matters in the end, I suspect. I won't finish with I love you, though of course I do. I'll finish with a simple thanks. Thanks for holding my hand along the way. It's been a stunning fucking ride. I want another turn, for we've spent our lives taking turns, but cancer is greedier and stronger than us. For now. So Little Miss Connie Cottonsocks, I shall now again and proudly declare myself, very truly yours, Your ever grotty and very sad little brother, Sammy Seal. XX @samueljjohnson78

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Before Connie’s death at the age of 40, her and her famous brother set up charity Love Your Sister to raise money in the fight against cancer.

Meanwhile later in the show, Studio 10 star Denise Scott was sadly voted out of the competition with all of her fellow panelists cheering her on from the crowd.

“I love this man Jeremy, he’s beautiful… Not only a beautiful dancer, a beautiful soul,” she said of her professional dance partner. “I’ve had the pleasure of working not only with him but his beautiful wife Sarah, their kids, our producer. It’s been a blast, but you know I’m tired… No I’m serious.

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“I came here because I really wanted to take on a challenge and I found it so hard. I can’t tell you how hard these people work and it’s a killer.”

As Denise then added: “It’s a good lesson kids,” she was asked what she meant, to which she joked: “The lesson is there’s always wine at the end of the show!”

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