Never-before-seen footage shows Freddie Mercury singing unheard edit of hit song

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A previously unheard track recorded of Freddie Mercury singing 'Time' with just a piano backing has been released. Source: YourTube/ Freddie Mercury Solo

A newly unearthed video of the great Freddie Mercury singing a never-before-heard version of hit song ‘Time’ has sent the internet into meltdown, as fans reminisce on the talented Queen frontman.

Universal Music sent the world into a frenzy on Friday when it released the three-decade-old footage, which was first recorded by Mercury in 1986, leaving many with goosebumps as they once again got treated to his beautiful vocals.

While the original track features a whole selection of background music, the much-loved singer’s voice is on full display in the new clip with just a piano accompanying him.

The dramatically different footage, deemed “powerful” and “deeply moving” by fans, was released by songwriter and producer Dave Clark using the song’s full title ‘Time Waits For No One’.

For years it has remained locked away with only the edited version being spread across the world for all to see. That was until last year when Clark discovered it again after much searching.

“Dave had always remembered the performance of Freddie Mercury at Abbey Road Studios from 1986,” Universal Music said in a statement. “The original had sold millions and in his own words ‘worked’. But the feeling he had during the original rehearsal, experiencing ‘goosebumps’, hadn’t dissipated over the decades, and he wanted to hear this original recording – just Freddie on vocals and Mike Moran on piano.”

Previously unseen footage of Freddie Mercury singing the hit song was released by his friend Dave Clark. Source: Universal Music Group

Wanting to bring the clip to life, Clark brought Moran in to record a new piano track, while he used the negatives from the four camera shoot and the unprocessed film, to create a “visual masterpiece”.

All the hard work has paid off, with fans across the world in a state of utter delight at hearing the beautiful sounds of their favourite musician once again.

Many have taken to social media to share their views on the track, claiming it gave them goosebumps and brought tears to their eyes as they remembered the great talent.

Freddie Mercury died in 1991. Source: Universal Music Group

“The song is full of life and passion,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Freddie will always be in our hearts.”

“Gave me goosebumps, beautiful. Made me miss Freddie even more,” another commented.

While a third wrote: “Truly a gift from heaven! Thank you Dave Clark! Thank you Freddie and Queen for your countless hours of legendary music! Love you Freddie and miss you always!”

Are you a fan of Freddie Mercury? What do you think of the newly released track? What is your favourite Queen song?

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