Starts at 60 Daily Joke: A man took his dog to the dog park

He looked for the dog everywhere but couldn't find it. Source: Getty.

A man had two dogs named Commonsense and Trouble. He always took his dogs to the park every evening. One day, he only brought Trouble to the park and left Commonsense at home.

While the man was talking with his friends, Trouble disappeared. The man started to panic. He looked for the dog everywhere but couldn’t find it.

A lady came over and asked the man: “What are you looking for?”

The man replied: “I’m looking for Trouble!”

“Pardon?” asked the lady.

The man replied in a higher tone: “I am looking for Trouble!”

Annoyed, the lady asked: “Sir, where’s your commonsense?”

The man answered: “At home.”

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