Police offer $1 Million reward to solve 46-year-old cold case murder of Mary Anne Fagan

Feb 16, 2024
The recent substantial reward reflects the authorities' commitment to solving the mystery and providing closure for the Fagan family. Source: Victoria Police.

Victoria Police are offering a $1 million reward for any information that can solve the 46-year-old cold case murder of Mary Anne Fagan, a mother of five from Armadale, Melbourne.

Fagan was 41 years old when she was last seen alive on February 17, 1978, after dropping off four of her children at school.

The family’s routine took a horrifying turn when her children returned home to find the side gate open, the youngest child crying inside, and Mary Anne missing. Her car was in the driveway, and the house doors were locked. The subsequent search by her husband revealed a tragic scene – Fagan was found bound, gagged, and fatally stabbed in the front bedroom.

Despite previous rewards of $20,000 in April 1978 and $50,000 in June of the same year, the case has remained unsolved.

To this day, the motive for her murder has never been established and personal items taken from the home have never been recovered.

On Friday, February 16, Victoria Police announced a $1 million reward for information in relation to those responsible for her death.

The recent substantial reward reflects the authorities’ commitment to solving the mystery and providing closure for the Fagan family.

“Mary Anne was a much-loved mother, wife and daughter and we know her family still feel her loss as keenly as they did 46 years ago,” Victoria Police Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Dean Thomas said in a statement.

“She missed all five of her children growing up, their birthdays, weddings and the births of her grandchildren. Each of her children has had to grow up without their mother and I know they have thought about that almost every day.

“Mary Anne was brutally murdered for no apparent reason in the place she should have felt safest, and with her 17-month-old baby nearby.

“A significant investigation into Mary Anne’s death has been conducted over the past four decades to try and determine who was responsible for her murder and what the motive was.

“Hopefully this public appeal provides the motivation for someone to contact police after all these years, who can help us solve Mary Anne’s murder.

“Time and time again it has been proven that even the smallest piece of information can make the biggest difference when it comes to solving a crime.”

Detectives have spoken with dozens of people over the years but remain confident the cold case can be solved.

-with AAP.

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