About Faye Day

As an obsessive 80-year-old traveller, Faye hopes to inspire people with interesting stories of my exploits and adventures in 154 countries, documented in a series of autobiographical books titled Every Nook and Cranny: A World Travel Guide. Faye has also posted hundreds of fascinating pictures on her blog site: fayelday.blogspot.com Every Nook and Cranny is the first in a series of nine autobiographical travel guides touching on every continent, most countries and hundreds of islands. “I wrote the book in response to many requests – and so that I could remember what I have done! At the age of 84 I am still backpacking and hope that my stories prove an inspiration to others. Beginning in 1979, I worked as a tour leader for major Perth companies. In 1983, I began my own business organising and operating international group tours to undiscovered destinations, which I did for 12 years. I have travelled extensively on an individual basis, exploring roads less travelled, and have been privileged to see most of the world. I now write travel books. As the title suggests, it is an autobiographical account of my fascinating journeys as a solo traveller through every continent, 169 countries, and countless islands. Together with historical fact, the interesting stories relate many exciting adventurous episodes and numerous amusing anecdotes. In depth descriptive passages are illustrated with hundreds of photographs that will enable readers to visualise and fully appreciate the text.”