Invitation: Attend our Boomer Guide Insights session with Bernard Salt – 3rd August 2021

Understand the needs and wants of the modern, digital savvy Baby Boomer and insights from the data behind the Boomer Guide 2021/22. Join Starts at 60 CEO, Rebecca Wilson and leading Demographer, Bernard Salt on a zoom webinar to understand today’s Boomer.  We invite you to attend. 

3rd August 2021, 3.30pm

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Australia’s most prominent demographic commentator Bernard Salt will talk about the pre-and post-retirement lifestyler generation that is emerging right now.

Rebecca Wilson the Founder of Starts at 60, Travel at 60 and the Starts at 60 Marketplace will present on the data from the baby boomer consumer snapshot and inside data from Starts at 60’s big survey, with the insights spanning retirement stage, internet usage, media consumption, switching propensity, online shopping, health, travel and property.

Then, she will speak to Starts at 60’s unique approach to Content + Commerce + Travel and how we are bringing to life a full-funnel conversion platform serving Baby Boomers.

This is a deep-dive into the opportunities that sit in this powerful demographic, designed to help you navigate it with clients, peers and strategy at any time in the future, with deeper insight.

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