About our Founder Rebecca Wilson

Our Founder, Rebecca Wilson started Starts at 60 as a small business back in 2013, as she watched her parents work their way through the first years of being 60 without much help from media, which was much more focussed on the Kardashians than the interests of modern retirees. A marketer, with a background in content and enormous empathy for and interest in the over 60’s, Rebecca has led the charge to create a community and content that respects for, cares about and serves the 60+ community, making them feel as young as they should at this age. What started as a small blog in 2013 evolved into a professional media platform, welcoming investment from Seven West Media in 2016. And as the platform and opportunity has grown, so has Rebecca’s role and passion for what really matters to middle-aged and older Australians.

Rebecca built our brand, our brand voice and the media platform, connecting with a generation that is widely ignored and delightful to represent. Together with the growing technology team, we built a media-tech and travel-management platform that underpins our operation, and then we developed product passionately that serves the needs and wants of this dynamic generation.

Rebecca and the growing Starts at 60 team worked together with vigour to build Starts at 60 to become an award-winning digital publisher, winning Mumbrella’s Media Brand of the Year Award in 2017. It was also shortlisted to this award and others in 2016, 2018 and 2019. Rebecca and the team then went on to build Travel at 60, a full service, online-offline travel marketplace to serve over-60s with the travel deals and bespoke service that is not offered by any other travel company in Australia. And the Travel at 60 team today is widely recognised for their terrific tailored product and online/offline approach to travel.

Rebecca Wilson stepped aside from her role as CEO of Starts at 60 in 2022/23, to pursue her passions in the subject matter of retirement. She’s excited to do more of what she loves, in writing her first book (on retirement of course),  and speaking to over-45s about how they can live longer better lives if they tap into the knowledge we will need to improve retirement in coming years. This leaves the new leaders of Starts at 60 to step in to steer what is now a very hands-on and growing media and travel operation into the next phase.

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