Bourke Street killer’s trial to be delayed

Dimitrious Gargasoulas will not face trial until next year.
Six people were killed during the daylight rampage.

The man charged with mowing down and killing five people in Melbourne’s busy Bourke Street in January will not face trial until next year.

Six people were killed and dozens injured when Dimitrious Gargasoulas allegedly drove his car down the thoroughfare and mounted the curb in the middle of the day, causing chaos in the packed city street.

Director of Public Prosecutions, John Champion SC said today, it is likely Gargasoulas will not face a committal hearing until 2018.

The 27-year-old accused is yet to be charged with the death of the sixth victim. Thirty-seven people were injured in the attack, with some still recovering in hospital.

Victorian Supreme Court Justice Lex Lasry told a hearing on the case’s progress he thought the wait time for the hearing was too long.

“It seems a very long time to me, with all due respect, for all those involved,” he said.

There has been plenty of talk about Victoria’s justice system since the attack, with critics fuming Gargasoulas had been released on bail just days before the rampage.

Do you think he ought to face trial sooner rather than later? Do we need to make changes to our bail system?

  1. Carmel  

    He should face trial as soon as possible. I feel for the relatives and friends of the people killed, why should they have to wait that long for justice? Having said that the DPP has to prepare the case very carefully and all the evidence must be gathered and that does take time. But the wheels of justice turn very slowly.

  2. Denise  

    He should stand trial sooner rather than later. Do they think that people will soften to his crime if it’s left til next year. I don’t think so he’s still going to be the same mindless idiot he was on the day he took there lives. Is he or his lawyer delaying hoping to get an insanity plea will save him. If that is the case he needs to be in a secure facility to protect him and us.

  3. Alan Murphy  

    Should be ASAP Justice system = no justice for victims and their family’s, next thing some smart ass, save the politically correct lawyer will be applying for bail because he’s locked up to long

  4. Terry  

    Delaying the wastefull trial only gives this oxygen theif three meals a day hot showers a bed is that really justice ??And what a waste of money this mongrel will get free legal representation he is guilty numerous eye witnesses no need for trial just get rid of him

  5. Ian  

    He will probably leave the country on a false passport and the families of the injured and deceased will get no closure ,the law is an ass you have video footage you have people injured and killed how much of a case do you need ,you wonder why they laugh at the cops and courts

  6. Hear we go again, the justice system is always on the side of the crooks. This guy needs to be to be sent to trial ASAP and put in jail for the rest of his life, stop pussy footing around courts, get on with it.

  7. Bob Bear  

    I get so sick of this scum being described as the “alleged” killer. How many more witnesses are required to determine he is the guilty party?

    • Terry  

      Yes Bob its a bloody joke (alleged )

    • Carmel Bogdan  

      no not necessarily. once he goes to trial any time spent in prison now witll come off his final sentancce @ trial

  8. Mark  

    Are you lot fair dinkum? It is fairly obvious why there is a delay. There are literally thousands of witnesses that need to be interviewed, a ton of evidence gathered and processed. It is an enormous undertaking. Putting together half a brief of evidence will simply result in a “not guilty” verdict which nobody wants and this arse doesn’t deserve. He won’t be released on bail, he’ll stay on remand pending the hearing and trial. And once convicted he’ll hopefully be locked up for a very very long time.

    • Milette Nikko  

      You have a point Mark. I think we are all thinking of the Victims’ families when expressing this kind of sentiment. We all want Justice for all of them.

    • Kate  

      Yep fairdinkum, thinking of the families no one else they’ve been through enough don’t you think and will for the rest of their lives

  9. Geraldine Casey  

    Why are we having a trial. It is obvious he is guilty, so just lock him away form life.

    • John Murphy  

      Yes that’s right, he is guilty end of story. Why should some lawyer be paid to defend his actions

      • margaret gardiner  

        human rights the six dead had none

  10. Ivy Radcliffe  

    Whilst I would love him to be tried asap, evidence must be gathered And processed. This is a laborious and painstaking,ensuring that every t is crossed and every I is dotted.A No guilty verdict is not an option so everything that is presented in court is airtight. He will not be real eased on he will be locked up till his trail begins and for many years later.

  11. Maureen Bennett  

    The police should have been able to shoot him before he got that far but they would have been in trouble had they done so. Pity as lives would have been saved. You know the old saying no good shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. These idiots have all the protection, it’s so wrong.

    • Jan  

      Evidence??? He has caused the death of six innocent people!! What more evidence do they need? Charge him with six counts of murder and on top of that, charge him with the attempted murder of all those that were injured. Simple! Means he will never get out of jail!!

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