Crash course to smartphone symbols and icons

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and frustrated trying to guess what the different icons and symbols mean on your phone? It’s not easy to guess what all these icons and symbols mean sometimes – they’re so miniature! Not to worry, we’ve come up with a really simple and easy-to-follow visual guide and explanation for you.


Airplane Mode

Use the little plane icon when you fly. It means airplane mode is activated so you cannot send or receive messages but you are still able to draft messages offline.

airplane mode1

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The clock icon indicate that an alarm has been set to go off in the future.



These icons indicate that GPS is currently in use. GPS is required for some apps to work.

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This shows how much battery life you have left. If it is charging, the battery symbol will change too.


Network or signal strength

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This icon relates to your connection to your mobile network, it depends on the carrier. The more bars/dots you have, the better your connection.



When this feature is turned on, you are able to connect with other technology nearby, such as hands-free headsets or car stereos.


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Do not disturb

Turn on the Do Not Disturb setting when you do not want to be notified by any alerts, for instance when you are sleeping or for uninterrupted sleep.


do not disturb


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Android symbol visual guide

android symbols



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