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They often say that it is your hands which give away a woman’s true age. I think this is true. Ladies we don’t want people thinking we are older than we are do we? So take care of your hands.

I know I do a lot with my hands – from sewing to gardening, cleaning and just the basic washing-up for what feels like a million times a day! Our hands are exposed to so much on a daily basis and will benefit from a little TLC each day to have them looking their best. Let Starts at 60 Style show you how!


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Dr LeWinn’s hand and nail cream

Available here

Molton Brown orange and bergamot replenishing hand cream

Available here

Bobbi Brown extra hand cream

Available here

Natio wellness hand cream spf 15

Available here


Firstly keep your manicure in check – no chips! Otherwise you will look shabby – no excuses ladies! There is always time for a quick fix until you have time to do it properly.

The most important thing you can do to keep your hands looking youthful is to keep your hands protected. Wear sunblock on the backs of your hands during the day. I keep a hand cream with an SPF in the centre console of my car and put it on before I get going. Wear gloves when you are driving for long periods of time to help prevent sun damage – so easy to do!


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Nivea anti-age Q10+ hand cream

Available here

Neutrogena norwegian formula hand cream

Available here

L’Occitane shea butter rose heart hand cream

Available here

Clarins hand and nail treatment cream

Available here


When applying hand cream – put it straight on the backs of your hands! Don’t waste too much product on the palms of your hands. The skin on your palms does not absorb the cream in the same way and can feel greasy if you put too much on this area. Rub the backs of your hands together then focus on the cuticles and fingertips.

Always apply hand cream before going to bed at night. Keep some in the top drawer of your bedside table so you don’t forget – your hands will thank you for it! Well moisturised skin always looks more youthful than dry, rough skin.


Do you have any tips on taking care of your hands that you would like to share?


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