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There was a big announcement yesterday that hardly anyone noticed… the impending death of the Ford Falcon.     Ford launched the final version of the car type, the FX-G which will only be built until Ford ceases manufacturing in Australia in October 2016.  

Just a day after the Federal Government took into Parliament massive cuts to the motor vehicle industry support subsidy Ford Australia has confirmed that there will be no more Ford Falcon models produced.

At a press conference for the launch of the vehicle,  Falcon vehicle line director David Wilkinson admitted that the car industry had changed fundamentally.

“We don’t plan to replace Falcon,” said Wilkinson. “The volumes for us, for Toyota, for Holden … are clearly not what they used to be. The graphs that show volumes over last 10 years are a fairly straight line [downwards].

Ford have decided to replace the Falcon with the Mondeo, the medium to large sized car will be launched in 2015.

“New Mondeo is clearly a new-generation car, good size car… It won’t replace Falcon but it will be our medium to large car entry.”

It is a sad day to see the last of the Ford Falcon models that will be made in our country, and it got us thinking about how significant it is in our history as a country and a generation.  They’ve been manufactured by the Ford Motor Company of Australia since 1960, and each model from the XA series of 1972 onward has been designed, developed, and built in Australia, following the phasing out of the American-influenced Ford Falcon of 1960–71 which had been re-engineered locally for the harsher Australian conditions.

The Ford Falcon is the best-selling Australian-made car, having sold over 3,000,000 in seven generations to 2003, almost exclusively in Australia and New Zealand, but also South Africa.   Along with its closest Australian-made rival, the Holden Commodore, the Falcon has dominated the ranks of taxis in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the Police fleets of patrol and highway cars.

We went and found a few of the more memorable falcons from our era today… Tell us if you had one of these and see if you can name the models?  




2.  ford falcon3


3.  Ford_Falcon_2






5.  ford falcon 2


6.  ford_falcon

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  1. The Ford has the most comfortable seats of any of our Aussie made cars. On a long trip you do not arrive sore or tired

  2. It a tragedy for all the Ford Workers and their families and a disgrace for this Liberal Government.. how many more will they put on Newstart?

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    • yes and now they are rubbish ship building The Australian Submarine Co.. no thought to the men or their families by these thoughtless comments

  3. We had a dark blue Ford Futura from 1996 to 2007. Pulled our caravan for miles without a bleep! Always reliable.

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  4. 1979, red ford falcon, cream seats , massive engine. My husband picked me up from the hospital with our new born son . I sat in the back with baby in my arms it was like being royalty . We had several more over the years but the quality dropped off in comparison to that first car. Still saying that they were very reliable cars. Can’t understand why the industry couldn’t stand on its own four wheels . Over interference from unions and work practice maybe ?

  5. ! My first ford was a red cortina, with white leather interior, sporty, look very good, until my youngest son hit a stopie poll. And rote it off, sad, lucky he lived to change his life,

  6. First had a 1966 XR 6 Station Wagon. Owned it for 12 years never had any problems with it . Over the years had XB. XC Ute. and others. Presently have AU 1 1999 on LPG . done 386000 km .still going stong. Sad to see the Falcon demise. They are classics and always will be. Foxton Beach NZ

  7. Bought a new Falcon in 1983. Owned it for about five minutes (well, three months) and got rid of it for a TX5 Ghia (which was a Mazda, anyway). The Falcon was a lesson in what not to buy. The dealer was so keen to get me out of it he almost paid me to switch to the hatch.
    Still, despite that, I’m sorry to see the demise of not only the Falcon but the entire Australian car manufacturing industry,

  8. 1. That’s an American two-door model, never sold in Australia. It does otherwise resemble the first Ford Falcon model, the XK, released 1960.
    2. XA, of 1972.
    3. EA of 1988 and XD of 1979
    4. Back to the XA again
    5. XT of 1968 – looks like the GT model.
    6. The original Ford Falcon, the XK of 1960.

    I remember a taxi driver, back in 1965, saying how much he liked his powerful Ford Falcon. It was an XK. The Toyota Corolla I drive now wouldn’t be a lot smaller, and it is probably just as powerful! 🙂

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