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The 1960s are said to be a golden era for toys, especially board games, and a large number of the board games introduced in the ’60s are still being enjoyed today.

Twister and Operation for example got their starts in the 1960s.

Another interesting fact about toys and board games is that licensing and theming an item after a movie or television show also kicked off in the ’60s. Toy and games companies realised getting the right license meant lots of sales.

Starts at 60 has opened the vault to some of the best board games introduced in the ’60s that are still available on shelves today. How many do you recognise?

What games did you play growing up? Who did you play with?

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  1. My maternal Grandmother taught me card games.
    I also played Scrabble, Dominoes, & Chinese Checkers. Loved those! Have them loaded onto this here ITablet!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I played all of these games as a kid. I would hesitate calling their time a “golden era” though. Board games from the past 10-15 years are far better than any mentioned above.

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